Crypto Market Update – June 18th, 2020

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Thanks for watching, and we hope you got some value from our perspective of the markets!

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Reliable Crypto Exchanges/products that we use:
1. Binance: (worlds BEST exchange)
2. Binance.US: (same platform, but US only)
3. Binance Futures: (leverage derivative market)
5. Coinbase: (exchanging fiat [cash] for crypto)
6.Shakepay: (Canada only)
7.Bitmex: (short/long derivative market with leverage)
8. Bybit: (short/long derivative market with leverage)
9. NordVPN:
10. Ledger: (Safe storage of your investment

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Disclaimer: Nothing within this Youtube channel is formal investment advice: we are not financial advisors. The information presented, and distributed here is to be considered as second opinions from strangers on the internet. The decision you make should be your own.


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