Crypto Market Still Crashing!!! Will We See All Crypto Recover?

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Kumar Anand says:

About to Explode BCTR

Scotty b says:

I’m confident enough in crypto that I hope it keeps falling, even by a lot, so I can buy in.

Nemesis Enforcer says:

I took all my money out of Alt-Coins and purchased shares of AMC. When AMC goes to the moon I will put my gains back into BTC and Alt-Coins.

Joseph Turner says:

Your 1000% right I’m on it after AMC GME WE MOVE TO CYRPTO

D Andrews says:

There’s not enough retail investors in crypto yet. We need mass adoption and we’re years away from that. They will pump and dump crypto on us until they can’t anymore. This is even more true for the mid, small, and micro cap coins

fgg wfwr says:

Bitcoin's fall was expected for some time because nothing goes in just one direction, yet many people are seeking for stability in an unstable crypto space and A lot of people are wondering if now is a good time to buy or sell because of where the price is at right now, lets not forget volatility is the sole nature of the market and hence there is nothing to be perturbed about. In fact, it's a very healthy correction and market participants should utilize this correction to buy more cryptos, with b!tcoin testing the 61.8 Fibonacci support level at $37,000, we expecting to see massive Bull run in the coming weeks, to Newbies and investors who want to get first hand analysis on trading the correction this coming week you can reach my Mentor @RG_trade, his trad!ng s!gnals has triple my portfolio from 1.5btc to 6.5btc by simply trading the retracement of the current market.

mauricio abad says:

I really agree with you.

Thomas Madlon says:

Great talking points! I checked the price of Internet Computer yesterday and immediately thought of an old video you made about buying the dip earlier this month 😂

Scrappy ChildHood says:

World governments plan to launch massive cyber attack agonist crypto. Many view a threat to Central banks, Fed reserves, other instutions yet XRP,XDC,XLM will be few to be freeded.

Gabriel Sanchez says:

To be honest, your YouTube upload sums up the collective narrative that new traders and investors always expressed. Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile markets, and these price movements couldn't be anymore clearer than that.

H M says:

I pulled EVERYTHING out of crypto except for my 1.2T Kishu I got for a song 😁

Marco Pollo says:

You'll see crypto recover when we apes are done with GME and AMC.

jacquez L says:

Yeah coin base did dropped the ball on that one I was thinking the same thing

All Media Access News says:

Crypto will sky rocket when people least expect it so hold hold hold do not sell remember I said this 2nd besides Matt sayin it 1st….

Amelisa Katie says:

All reviews about AgentGary1 on telegram are real I made 8btc from best

Amelisa Katie says:

All reviews about AgentGary1 on telegram are real I made 8btc from best

Evan Innerarity says:

There are a couple good projects suffering from this crash. Lots of FUD in the crypto market. That's why I directed my funds at stocks. Safemoon, tenset, Shiba Inu, and bonfire looked very promising for a bit but now things look bad. I'm HODLing regardless. Doge will go an easy 10x when Elon musk launches doge 1 and streams high def video from the moon from the satellite he has dubbed doge 1. He is literally putting doge coin on the moon. It is currently trading at 31 cents. This time next year it should be well over a dollar at a minimum. Don't miss out and do your own research.

Linda Chris says:


Christain Micheal says:

Elon musk probably posting the best tweet of his life tomorrow to get cryptos back up. The dip is just an opportunity to get more cryptos..

All Media Access News says:

I watch you every single morning Matt thank you for everything you do I appreciate it 🙏🏾

Sophia Eskew says:

It’s because they are cancelling unemployment

Mike Schwaller says:

Holding onto my doge, it's gonna come back and take off

Victor Ikponmwosa says:

Great video and analysis.There's nothing new with the bitcoin price manipulation….dumping and liquidating millions of dollars in the process. If you want to be safe just trade and don't hold. The bottom line in bitcoin has always been volatility. bitcoin investors should be aware of Anthony's strategy. his strategy work's and it's good, with Anthony Graham the rich are getting richer with his trade, i think the pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple stream income unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security , if you want to be successful in bitcoin trad have the mindset of the rich, spend less and invest more in bitcoin, Don't give up your dreams. don't be in a haste to invest, know what and who you are investing to and be sure that the person will deliver before investing. learn and get the knowledge first before investing, Mr Anthony Graham methods are legit his methods works like magic I was convinced to say his an expert, i keep on earning and learning every single week with his strategy, Mr Anthony Graham impact on my trading activities won't make me choose another expert or account manager. Anthony is the only one i know best, i manage my bitcoin with with him, my first experience with Mr Anthony Graham gave me a profit over $60,000 in just one month of trading ever since then i keep on reinvesting with him. I'm not here to convince anyone but to share my experience and testimony, you can get to Anthony via Tele-gram ( @expertanthonygraham50 ) i know you will be glad.

Chris Allen says:

I believe it's difficult to really tell what crypto could do…you said it yourself in older videos thats it's completely different from how the stock market moves….which in some case's if your strategy is built around stocks you may not be able to use that same strategy in crypto…idk just a thought

D G12 says:

I always like crypto because I could trade while on 3rd shift. I'll be glad to see it bounce back.

Frank Tucker says:

I truly believe it’s a generation Thing 150 years ago people were carrying silver and gold in their pockets and now what we call the greatest generation and then you have the baby boomers will never except crypto it will happen when it is introduced into our financial markets by the young and latest generation using it as a currency I talk to a lot of different generation and they are very leery of crypto

Mary Wingard says:

Thanks Matt

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