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Crypto Code. What Was Found Will SHOCK YOU! $NULS $NAS $NEO $ELA $ETH $VET $TRX

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How about we expose what is going on with cryptocurrency and their code. Today we will be reviewing popular project’s Github and running it through a quality checker called SonarQube and SonarCloud. Special guest walking us through the code is Bill Petridis, development manager who has experience leading project teams with companies such as Oracle. Projects we review include: NEO, Vechain, Tron, Elastos, Ethereum, Nuls, Nebulas, and Travala.
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Herb Smokin’ bastard says:

Hi there rebel, omisego is of interest, they’re so quit.
Beertips: from Holland; Hertog Jan,
Begium: jupiler
Germany: veltins
Keep up the good work

mr Treevis says:


adergas1 says:

Hi Chico,opened 2 fresh ones( like every time watching you) PLEASE check this out,thats reality right now,dont loose faith,dont give up…hodle Bitcoin and be free in the end

Voice Guy says:

Thanks for awesome work guys! Could you also look into ICX, loopring, AION & WANCHAIN?

osirus twits says:

huge video on the support of bitcoin

Voice Guy says:

Nice Job Tyler!!!

Matan Argental says:

49:23 Test "Pundi x", and i'll contribute some #NPXS to you =)

Matan Argental says:

47:00 i could not find a way to check 'Pundi x" with the service you check them on.. please have a look at their Code.

Rajesh Manda says:

please look into this project Gnosis, MKR ,FCT,LINK,REP,POLY, GXS,ZEN,NXS, NEBL

bolle307 says:

Can you check ICX , WAN , AION ?

César Rodas says:

Next time please get a real developer not a guy who shows a few tools to mesmerize the uneducated. A bunch of smoke and mirrors.

Nebulas says:

Hi, Tyler and Bill, this is Nebulas team, we are very glad that you choose Nebulas as testing object. But i am afraid there are some misunderstandings. In your video, you selected the “feature/nbre” in Nebulas Github, which is the code of Nebulas NOVA. Nebulas NOVA is in progress and it will be launched on testnet in the end of 2018. If you check the branch “master branch”, which is the code of Eagle Nebulas that Nebulas is running on now, it should be fine. Nebulas is running very well now and we are looking forward for the launch of Nebulas NOVA, which aims to discover the value of data. The ultimate goal of Nebulas is to be an Autonomous Metanet. We have published the roadmap of Autonomous Metanet. For more information about Nebulas, click

And we also hope you can explain this to your followers. So an explanation in your twitter or next Video is welcome. Thank you so much! 🙂

PS: Guys, help us upvote this comment~:)

Chase Lee says:

Since you found the problem about nebulas, Dev team immediately check it. It has been happened because of the test script not upgraded in github, so it occured many failed results in github. Also, they check mainnet, so they didn't have a problem in mainnet.
They had been realized this issue, They are trying to solve it soon and will reply it as quickly as possible. Thanks for your feedback. And I suscribe your channel!!

Sean James says:

It would be interesting to scan GBYTE / NANO / IOTA as a comparison of the most popular DAG (blockchain-free) projects. Cheers!

Crypto Live says:

Thankx for looking into nuls👍 i would like to request: qtum

Igor Sic says:

99% of cmc are shitcoins…people need to wake up….Check Cardano please

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