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The program is functional using one account like in our example but we recommend using two accounts, two accounts can be opened using the same broker under different names so the program will work through ip changer so the ip address is changed on the other account.

The broker will see two different ips for the accounts and these accounts will be connected by long, or they can be opened with different brokers under one name without having to use an ip changer. These brokers will need to be in the same data center.
I would like to point out that the program works with virtual comments, these cannot be seen by the forex broker. The broker cannot see magic number and he sees this trading as manual.

Between the orders, the broker sees that the order was open on the account before the arbitrage situation and during the arbitrage it was closed, and it did not reopen but there was a reopening on the other side.

This gives us the ability to keep orders up for longer, you can regulate this, it does not look like arbitrage or scalping trading. The program has many settings and you can see that this order is completed and reopened on the other side. There was enough time between orders so that the trading was not considered arbitrage trading. The program works with currencies as it works with CFDs and Indices, has many settings and filters, you can configure it to gear it towards your MT4 broker.
The program will work in this way until Wednesday, on Wednesday the broker usually does a triple swap, and we will close these locks before 5pm NY time and reopen after some time to avoid a triple swap, reopening on a regular day is not important as the commission and swap on a regular day will be about the same so this would be meaningless. This program works fully automatically, you just need to check the trading process sometimes and you can view all of the details in the log, so you can control irregular conditions.

Support inquiries:
If you have questions related to the trading platforms we offer or need help on an existing platform, please contact technical support at


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