Could cryptocurrencies lose all of their value?

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Could cryptocurrencies lose all of their value? Taha Arvas explains in this episode of In Brief.
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TD says:

Crypto is a bubble about to burst, glad i got in early on BTC and sold them a week ago

IB &IS says:

What is cryptocurrency?

Asim Mehmood says:

Greed never dies in slave mindsets.
It’s like: $1 cost of 🍏 is on sale for $5 because it will inflated to $10 in 10 days.
We think it’s profit but actually it’s flatiron. A hidden war to destroy the whole nation

Asparagus Shorts says:

Blockchain is not a brand. This video was created with no research. Its like saying the internet will expire soon over night. Impossible

Malgorzata Miroslawa Kim says:

I BILIVE if you hove ferst computer 💻 you be ok ser from Tokyo wishing You plesend evning,

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