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China’s renminbi hit by trade and economic woes

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China’s currency has topped the Rmb6.8 per dollar mark, its weakest level in a year, reflecting slower growth and tighter credit

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TonyBeanify says:

What? China is collapsing again?

Ted Paul says:

For thismto be China's slowest quarter shows you something. That is only 2 years ago- for them to be growing as fast as then shows you that they are still awfully strong, especially for the 2nd largest economy of the world.

jetski Dex says:

Lol the Ft never tire of trying to sell this schpiel.. How many years has it been…

A Artisan says:

The fact that the US dollar is rising against ALL major currencies says more about the US than about china.

Xenu#Scientology says:

Good lord, you guys really try to push a agenda.
@first china's currency is state controlled,so they weaken it to export more products.
@second China needs exports to run there system like it is, since they're market is protected by the massive production and a weaker RNB will only make other products less competitive.
@third down with illegal US Trade action

dolphin3299 says:

What about pond?

Todd Johnson says:

Good china exports go up.

Patpaul Almelor says:

Chinese money on the pic ugly.

Finbar Looby says:

The FT has been predicting China's demise for the last 18 years. Wolf ! Wolf ! Wolf !

chf gbp says:

No Manipulation then

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