China's Evergrande Crisis Could Drag Down Tether And Other Cryptocurrencies: CNBC After Hours

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Close’s MacKenzie Sigalos brings you the day’s top business news headlines. On today’s show, CNBC’s Kate Rooney explains why Chinese property developer Evergrande Group’s debt crisis could be trouble for Tether. Plus, Johnson & Johnson finds a second shot of its Covid vaccine to be 94% effective against infection.

00:00 – CNBC After Hours, Sept. 21, 2021
0:14 – Stocks end mixed after Monday’s sell-off
0:37 – Numbers to know
2:06 – Evergrande’s turmoil could spell trouble for Tether
4:36 – Covid is America’s deadliest pandemic

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China’s Evergrande Crisis Could Drag Down Tether And Other Cryptocurrencies: CNBC After Hours


Mr Incognito007 says:

crypto is banned in china… this is FUD for big banks to buy more dip

ariel colon says:

I swear theirs a conspiracy by the whole government to keep me broke

The Dude says:

Is she High on something? FIAT

DeepFried CherryPie says:

Why do they keep talking about Litecoin? No one cares about Litecoin

skyak says:

"Tether backed by commercial paper, mostly out of China" -translation -there are no dollars like they claimed, there are IOUs from companies with a long history of fraud, in a country that doesn't even pretend to offer legal recourse for foreigners and practices currency control.

David Hynes says:

They have a 30-day grace period, do not panic.

John Smith says:

Everytime they talk about crypto you would think the bears are coming out of the woods for good 😒

Bryan Paynich says:

Tether's market cap is 70 billion. Even if 50% of Tether is backed by Chinese companies we are talking about 35 Billion. That's like 2% of the total crypto market cap. Sounds like someone wants to create FUD in order to buy.

washabi nutter says:

Think she used scenario 10 times

washabi nutter says:

Wooowwww massive FUD

Angelina Fernando says:

Despite the economic crisis, this is still a good time to invest in Gold and crypto

Dean says:

The anchors disclaim their own sensational news. Nice work cnb-crp

uwucon says:

BTC, ETH, & LTC we’re down over 13% yesterday

Simone Perfetti says:

Crypto works against estabilished banks and corporations that creates financial crisis to give money to rich and debts to common people

Richard Davis says:

Loving Mackenzie look. China having a lot of issues. Gonna be hard to be #1 with all those money issues and punishing the companies that make profit. Glad I'm out of the Chinese market

James says:

Why is she wearing fake glasses?

Anime Is life says:

After hours is getting worse

Orion Max says:

CCP stole all these people’s hard earned money, period. You know it, we all know it.

Ian Quinonez says:

Wait the conspiracy is true?👁

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