The link between the human world and the computer world is very challenging. On one hand, computers must establish trust with their users in order to grant access, and on the other, users need to [More]
Nonprofit donors of cryptocurrencies are likely to be your most digitally valuable donors for more reasons than money. provides the hardwires and systems to make it work. Co-founder Pat Duffy shares donor demographics. //. [More]
This video demonstrates how to add and configure a Blockchain Widget. In this example we add the Widget to our device and then switch between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and the EIP-1559 Widget which reports how [More]
Nigel Baker of Arch Capital share his views of hte fast-emerging market of digitial currencies with Jim Stackpool from Certainty Advice Group
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With the Crypto Miner Car, the LarbitsSisters speculate on the changing nature of the data economy in light of the ecological and social crisis. The Crypto Miner Car is a blockchain-based installation presenting a prototype [More]
Blockchain – A legitimate technology by Nick Ayton, Founder of Chainstarter & Blockchain Evangelist
This song is about the attempt of some agents of the society to generate FEAR, UNCERTAINTY and DOUBT in people about the potential of the cryptocurrencies. Stay calm. IT’S JUST FUD! This song was created [More]
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Luis Martínez López. Terminología y fundamentos de las tecnologías Blockchain. Cursos de Verano UNIA 2021 Baeza
Ian Norden, lead developer from the Vulcanize team explained and demo’d their work in storing Ethereum and other blockchain state on IPFS/IPLD, along with a customized Postgres instance which is an IPFS blockstore for that [More]
In this week’s options news, the Fed’s Jackson Hole pronouncements placate the markets; meme stocks take off on a lark; volatility skew rises as traders remain divided; bitcoin and ethereum options hunker down ahead of [More]
REGLA DE OCHA By RONALD QUIROZ (COLLAGE / VIDEOART), 2021. . . Yemayá pertenece a la religión Yoruba, conocida también como Regla de Ocha, Santería, Vudú, Macumba o Candomblé, es originaria del oeste africano. [More]
PAUSAIV By RONALD QUIROZ (COLLAGE / VIDEOART), 2021. . PAUSA 4 . SONG: SLABO – MOONLIGHT . He decidido perdonarte, hacer una tregua. Vivir contigo, entenderte, ir a tu ritmo, respetarte, consentirte, calmar todas [More]