Cardano Could Bring Crypto To Silicon Valley, University of Wyoming Granted $500k From IOHK

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Cardano could be soon embraced by high-tech Silicon Valley


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Cityflatpals flatsharing says:

Cardano is rubbish, you are misleading many people…….NO CUSTOMERS!!!!!

static folk says:

I have 2000 Cardano and 2000 XRP and nothing else. I just don't have the money. Did I choose well?


Cardano will be huge you can't even imagine ♥️ just hold your coins

Meethetroll says:

In fact no more than 30k people on the globe or beyond who will have 1 mill. ada. if you stake 1 mill ada 🙂 you ll be pretty much set for life. So its time to break those piggies or whatever you have stuffed your money in and buy the hell out of ADA hehehe

Captain Greg says:

When will they launch staking on the mainnet?

Alex Monixo says:

i am not going to sell you dreams whoever reads this comments but just use logic and simple math okay ? so what if people with the big bag want to take advantage of shelly and invest millions into ADA to give passive income doing nothing ? have you thought about how many dapps will be builts on cardano ? have you thought about how many developers are waiting for the shelly and goguan to start building on cardano ? have you thought about how many dapps wanting to move from eth to cardano ? have you thought the projects cardano is preparing for trillion people in africa ? simple math gives you a close up to what would the price be. no we are not going up to 1000 dollars although anything is possible in crypto. but i strongly believe that ADA will be worth more than 2-3 dollars if not more when shelly is here without BTC bullrun. and if you hold for 10years well that i can't tell coz the price could be more than we ever thought.

Alex Monixo says:

I really see ADA at 2 or 3 dollars when shelly is released. i mean think about it. it's all about the bag and people wanting to make money. shelly is going to attract people especially people with the big bag to make money. shelly lets you get free money from doing nothing but delegating. people with millions will do this its a human nature to want to make easy money. so imagin all the big bag people wanting to take advantage of this shelly concept. imagin how many dapps will be built on cardano and also how many companies want to move from eth to cardano. 3 dollars will be big for us holders but when that happens it ll all be normal again for the new people to invest in cardano and they ll see that 3 dollars as a cheap price to buy ADA and they ll just buy more and the price will go up. remember high prices attract people coz they see that the project is going well so they invest more.

Jfhelwig says:

Silicone is in breast implants. Silicon is used to make computer chips. Which valley?

Meethetroll says:

when cardano is fully implemented, no one could buy as much as we can now 🙂

Saqi S says:

IOHK 500k
State 500k
University 300k

Total 1.3m for research

mit p says:

Sorry but this is old news.. They are now thinking of doing a stable coin project..

DC Funhouse says:

if you haven't already, take a look at unibright and their work importing blockchain technology into going concerns.

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