Bitcoin vs other cryptocurrencies | Robert Breedlove and Lex Fridman

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Robert Breedlove is a decentralized finance entrepreneur, philosopher, and podcaster.

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Ryan Stock says:

"the most perfect money" not fungible lol

Robert Lucas says:

Bitcoin maximilists are stupid, like really stupid. Only a true pleb would describe 5tps as a feature not a bug. Totally deluded.

Bailey's Irish Tours says:

EGLD. Just putting that out there 🙂

Rhys Connolly says:

That final phase of bitcoin will be cardano not bitcoin.

Socrates_The_Great says:

@lex Don't interview more no-brain bitcoin maxies. You knew how he was before you recorded it I'm sure. Intelligence doesn't change overnight.

Socrates_The_Great says:

5:54 Idiot he is. Is 2 inflation bugs(1 abused creating millions of new bitcoin) – Working Flawlessly? Eh, NOPE. Is China sitting on 60%+ of mining/hash power Flawless? Nope. Never trust a bitcoin maxie. They ignore the truth. So you pump their bag.

Flynn Parish says:

bu…but I have XRP.

Socrates_The_Great says:

Slow transactions have nothing to do with security. That is as lie bitcoin maxis invented. The 10 min block speed/creation is Hard Coded. Has nothing to do with miners or security to do. It CANT run faster than 1 block every 10 min. HARD CODED. Transactions become slow because others pay a higher fee and you have to wait in line until miners get to your transaction.

Socrates_The_Great says:

Saying that you cant invent better money than bitcoin is so stupid to say. They said that back when they invented fiat too.

Saint Jibbz says:

All he talking about is bitcoin

2fer one says:

The blockchain trilema:
Choose any 2..
Many in the comments either don't understand the reasoning behind Bitcoin's fundamentals or choose to downplay or ignore them out of convenience.
"Bitcoin is old technology" that just happens to require more technology than we currently have in order to solve the blockchain trilema.. go figure. Also Litecoin 🕛 is about to do something it hasn't done in nearly 10 years. Any one who knows what that is will be rewarded.

Peter Morrison says:

I have about 5% of my portfolio in uranium stock any advice on any other stock that I can
grow my $300k capital to a million dollars?

YourWeeklyCrew says:

faster transactions doesnt mean less safe.. ethereum is the safest blockchain along with hex so both are better secured and way more transactions per second.

Achaiah A says:

Bitcoin will never be used for transacting in high volume and lightning network is a fully centralized network which goes against Bitcoin's core philosophy. In the future, Cardano and Ergo will be an unstoppable pair (with ergo being the improved PoW blockchain while Cardano serves as the base operating system for the world's transactions).

Magic The Krakening says:

bitcon isn't money… not even close. Once it stops attracting new investors, it'll dump and most likely eventually end up trading near zero.

Darcseid27 says:

LEX talk to JACK MALLERS, have him on the podcast.

So you can find out what the Bitcoin Lightning Network can really do and how its being used right now with Blue Wallet and Strike on IOS.

Ren Tristan dela Cruz says:

Now I finally understand what people mean when they call someone a `Bitcoin Maximalist`.

Nikolay Tonev says:

Other cryptos are superior to Bitcoin, like Ethereum and Cardano.

Marissa Carter says:

This guy is buzz light year

Arnab Joy says:

I would like to see Charles hoskinson on the show

Time Tremor says:

Dogecoin is obviously the superior currency

Noe says:

Consider to have someone on who can let us know the inevitable functions of Bitcoin cash being much closer to the “crypto money” that people think Bitcoin will be.

qqiller says:

btc is out dated

Brian Jones says:

I’m interested to hear your take on how bitcoin compares to silver. It’s a different discussion because not only has it been money for thousands of years like gold, it separates itself because it has well over 10,000 industrial uses. It’s properties cannot be duplicated. Silver is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, it’s the most thermo-conductive metal known, the most electro-conductive, the most reflective, we can go on forever. Gold is limited in that way and it’s value remains traditional. I’m bullish on all three by the way. Thanks!

Diggin Baja says:

Beware China's adoption of Bitcoin. China is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I see China taking over all Bitcoin miners in China. Last week's power outage provided China with the ability to locate all hidden Bitcoin miners. Imagine China with control of 75% of all Bitcoin mining.

Makes you wanna go Hmmmm.

Choco Billy's Ranch says:

Hey love your channel. If you want to delve really deep into Cryptocurrencies and their potential you should consider inviting Changpeng Zhao also known as CZ. I bet he would love to come.

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