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Bitcoin Value: as a Speculation, a Bubble, or a Solid Investment, Horasis Global Meeting 2021

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Central Bankers, large investment firms, and individual investors are all apprehensive. Even as the value of Bitcoin rapidly inflates some national banks ponder authorizing it as though a fiat currency. Is it a bubble, and will it deflate rapidly? If one coin is authorized, will other crypto currencies be permitted as a cash system? What effect will this have upon national currencies and global financial security?
• Chen Arad, Chief Operating Officer, Solidus Labs, USA
• Anton Golub, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, flov technologies, Switzerland
• Derar Islim, Chief Operating Officer, Genesis Global Trading, USA
• Stephen Wink, Partner, Latham Watkins, USA
Chaired by
• Stephen Meade, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, MonetaPro, USA


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