Bitcoin sell-off wipes out $100 billion from crypto market in just two days

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Janet Medina says:

The daily chart for Bitcoin shows a tremendous rally in recent months. However, some weaknesses are emerging since the recent high, after which the price corrected by roughly 30%. One of these weaknesses is the continuing lower highs since the recent peak high at $42,000. These lower highs are confluent with weaker bounces from the support area. In this case, the $30,000 area has held before. However, to the concern of the bulls, the bounces from this area are getting weaker. If the $30,000 area doesn’t hold, a further correction toward $24,000 becomes likely, which would mean a retrace of 40% since the recent highs. So for now you can only make a profit by trading. For me, i advise you multiply the little you have with Louis Mattson’s strategy, I was able to make 3btc with 0.7btc in 2weeks day trading using the same strategy, reach him on telgrm at @Cryptomattson, email at mattsonlouis41 at gmail or WhatsApp ‪+1 475-215-0698‬ for more insight on his program.

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