BITCOIN RISES – ErisX Caspian Institutional Crypto Investors – Starbucks McDonalds Digital Yuan

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#Bitcoin #XRP #Crypto #Algorand #Algo #Cryptocurrency #CBDC #Blockchain
– ErisX expands connectivity enabling Caspian’s institutional users access to the Exchange’s crypto spot and futures market #digitalassets
– Survey Shows Growing Interest Among Americans in Blockchain and Cryptos
– Starbucks, McDonald’s Among 19 Firms to Test China’s Digital Yuan: Report
– Binance-Backed Cryptocurrency Payments App Bundle Launches in Nigeria
– Algorand Joins Trade Association to Further Blockchain Adoption
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Thinking Crypto says:

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chandrashekhar javale says:

Thanks for updates…

Mariella Odonnell says:

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Garry Barnett says:

Crushing it Pal. Thank you.

Chuck Davis says:

😊more interview please😊 🗣Interviews!

Xav Baisden says:

Always appreciate the videos man,please keep us updated on if there’s any online blockchain courses thanks 😊

Jeff Foster says:

They're here!!

S.B.G says:

algorand i got to tune in

RJ REX says:

Xrp baby!!!👍🏾


Institutional money is much more than retail and it looks like is going into the market now steadily more and more. We know and are into this already some time, but may be this time the fomo will kick in from institutions on next bull run.

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