Bitcoin Q4 Price Predictions + Crypto Market update

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0:00 Disclaimer – this is Edutainment and not Financial Advice – The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

00:10 Green Day – SOL DOT VAX LUNA ATOM

01:00 Minnows – Less Than 10 BTC

02:00 Shock Supply Ratios

03:00 Historical Bitcoin Returns Per Mth

04:00 Bitcoin Bull Runs 2017 vs 2021

05:00 Historical Bitcoin Bull Run Returns Per Mth

06:00 Estimate of 2021 Bull Run – last 3 mths

07:00 Estimate of 2021 Bull Run Bitcoin Prices

08:00 Solana Attracting More $$$’s

09:00 New SOL Dex Orca

10:00 BTC ETF Time

11:00 BTC ETF Time – Oct Launch?

12:00 Solana Wormhole Sucking Sound!

13:00 ETH Killers Could Hit ETH Price

14:00 Web 3 – Layer 1s Attracting Inst Dollars

15:00 RH and Wallet

16:00 3 Reasons Elrond Making New ATHs

17:00 EGLD Chart

18:00 The FOMC Meeting Recap

19:00 The FOMC Meeting Recap

20:00 Cut and Paste

21:00 Good C19 News


Lachlan Gilliland says:

Thanks James for another awesome video! It amazes me how much work you put into your videos, we are all truly blessed to have found your channel!
– Lachlan

Dominic Sykes says:

My personal advice to your followers, having enjoyed immense BTC wealth through conviction and steadfastness, is to always believe in yourself, take the plunge, accept your consequences, a quick buck is false hope to many so rewards yourself by learning, listening, growing. Take no short cuts and stay away from swindlers and peddlers of lies and promises that won’t be kept. along the way, you yourself, will realize true financial independence and happiness. James from invest answers is completely honorable, professional and personable, and only a few handful I give my time to listen too. Invest wisely and HODL what you are prepared to play with and graciously accept the gains to bring about your better self forward. Worst case scenario, you lose so much and you awaken your true self from the mistakes made along the way..

Santhosh R says:

Appreciate your daily uploads. Can you please do a retire on stocks video ?

Dan says:

Another great one right before my bed time. Thanks James for all your hard work. Keeps us Lil guys positive

bluemoon9832 says:

Tom Brady said he’d like to get paid in BTC, ETH AND SOLANA.

Debbie Schultz says:

James numbers come to you in 3's like 111,222,333 etc. My family are mediums and people believe or they don't not my job to convince them..but when you see triple # on the clock, peoples driver license in front of you while you're in the car. (People who have past want you to know they're present) I definitely believe in astrology. Signs are all around us..we just need to open our eyes.

Dan Watts says:

You'll end up with the biggest crypto YouTube channel in 2022. You're a great human James. Thank you for all the information you provide and your non-financial advise over the last year. You're making such a difference to people's lives. All the best!

sailon says:

Hi James! Thanks for all the great content over the past months! I was wondering if it was safe to hold a solana nft compared to holding solana? Like if my phantom hot wallet is hacked is it all over? Or it is considered safer for some reason to hold a nft than crypto like on coinbase? Thanks!

You Heard Me says:

Futures ETF's in the USA. Or spot ETF's backed by real BTC?

Charles Atanasio says:

Any thoughts on where the ceiling to sell will be?

Double_Scatpack says:

When things go crazy in crypto, I always wait for you're videos.
Cheers fella

Event Horizon says:

This is now my favorite crypto channel along with George!

Paul Davidson says:

Just stumbled across this channel by accident and absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge!

Konrad Konczak-Islam says:

Yes to Palantir and options! Love to learn.

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