Bitcoin Nears $20k as Altcoins ROAR | Ethereum, Litecoin, CRO and Polkadot Updates

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Bitcoin and Altcoin Bull Markets are Overlapping | Advice on Buying BTC for the First Time | CRO VISA Card Now Available in Canada | Is Polkadot the TRUE Ethereum Killer?

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0:00 Intro
0:59 Bitcoin and Altcoin Bull Markets are Overlapping
3:12 Advice on Buying BTC for the First Time
7:43 CRO VISA Card Now Available in Canada
8:50 Is Polkadot the TRUE Ethereum Killer?


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Altcoin Buzz says:

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Karen Don says:

Good investment brings good satisfaction, good write up they don't understand the reason for investment

Leon Anderson says:

Gavin is using tai chi on ethereum

Leon Anderson says:

I think polkadot will take over after listening to Gavin’s latest podcast

Josh says:

Ubt will be big this alt season. Enterprise adoption onto ethereum will be huge in the future

Robert James says:

Christmas is fast approaching Instead of waiting for the STIMULUS AND GOVERNMENT I just started my investment with the little I have and I've been earning much from it,

decanted says:

Altcoins ROAR?? You mean Ethereum and LINK…nothing else is roaring

Jason says:

Frank where r u?

Vex Prysm says:

I'm learning and more crypto everyday.

Flipman says:

Thanks for the heads up on YFDFI. This look like a great project and currently 347% APR staking rewards.

mich2020 says:

So annoying to hear all these youtubers parroting each other about Deutsche Bank, without doing some indept research what the current status of that bank is

Brandon Wilkinson says:

I have recently helped 5 friends set up accounts and purchase their first crytos. Bitcoin gaining interest amongst my peers. Exciting!!!

Tony T says:

Polkadot is built to compliment Ethereum anyone who says it’s an Eth killer is uninformed

Raymond Key says:

Check out Digibyte. Truly decentralized and more secure then btc..since 2013. Soyo ID will be huge.

Anthony Price says:

They have a hard time processing debit card. Keep getting block but my bank say nothing blocking.

Batman says:

When people ask me if they should buy Bitcoin I say…. YES

Rain Maker says:

Thanks for yfdi finance (yfd) love the info hope it 🌙 🌔

millyionnnn says:

Chain link is going to go bananas in this bull run… buckle up

Jeffrey Miller says:

All chains will be interoperable, and co exist @protongravity

Mr John P says:

Ethereum is heading to $10,000 and beyond. Invest in it now, while it’s this cheap. Last chance.
It’s the next world computer.
Everything is built on it. Remember when Bitcoin was around $500..? Ethereum will make you a millionaire.
Your investment in Ethereum will grow exponentially. Some analysts predict it go up to $30,000.
Get in now, before you miss the boat.

Stewart Mcleod says:

Bitcoin Cash is seriously undervalued. 1. Anonymizing fusion technology. 2.Much safer than Btc to spend with no built in double spend feature. 3. Anyhedge smart contract platform. 4. SLP customisable token platform. Create your own fungible or non fungible tokens in seconds.
5. Research on secure offline transactions.
6. Regular hackathons funded by the. Permissionless Software Foundation.
7. Ethereum dev team is now working on BCH as its cheaper and faster.
No one is telling you this I bet.

Richard Nelson says:

Thanks for the help hackerleo88 on IG god bless

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