Bitcoin Bull Run, Crypto News, Chainlink and more! // Crypto Over Coffee ep. 41

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In this episode of Crypto Over Coffee, Hashoshi breaks down the crazy cryptocurrency price action and the speculation about the Bitcoin bull run that everyone thinks is imminent. There is also plenty of other crypto news including Chainlink, Oasis Labs and more.

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0:00 Welcome!
1:04 Question 1
3:07 Question 2
5:51 Question 3
8:13 Question 4


10:40 Giveaway! Cobo Tablet Plus random draw

11:23 Bitcoin all-time high by 2021?!

14:45 Chainlink & Bitcoin – match made in heaven?


18:18 404 Logic Not Found” The bull run fantasy lan

21:46 Oasis Labs launched privacy-preserving mainnet

23:19 Tech Spotlight: Tenvis UCam

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Hashoshi says:

💎HEY YOU! Remember, all you have to do is comment on this video to be entered to win a Cobo Tablet Plus! 😉good luck. Cheers! thanks for watching. Timestamps are in the description.

Darko Obradovic says:

People who are following Cardano are waiting to see when their smart contracts will come out. Once this happens in 2021 then ETH 2.0 will kind of become absolute and pointless as Cardano will be able to outperform ETH by huge margin. Now, just because their tech is far more advanced than ETH it does not mean it will get adopted by people, we will see soon. Working ETH 2.0 is at least 3+ years away from happening and in my opinion it will never happen.

Gary Allan says:

New sub here, enjoyed your video and info. Dumb question here, I can see opportunities for having a few crypto currencies in the future, I don't understand how all these alt coins can survive, is there really a need for so many different types of coin? Can anyone explain that to me?

Lamine Sow says:

Keep up the good work!

Ryan Jones says:

Again, great content man!

Vex Prysm says:

Really appreciate the work you do here. Thanks

Darius Bradford says:

Man I love these vids

Wayne Purser says:

Great info mate. Really well broken down and explained 👍🏻

Ian Sarenski says:

give me 😃

Mitch Guerra says:

Thanks for everything you share! Here we go!

Ricardo Rodrigues says:

Gold job. Im winning for sure…

Jay Crypto Minded says:

When do you see the Market cap hitting 800 Billion again?

Coino Clast says:

like the 404 logic not found segments

Jørgen Smith Odér Pedersen says:

Always looking forward to your video series even now I have to wait until Saturday

I believe that the guy that wants to invest in something with public health should take a look at VeChain
They have partnered up with both food and medicine products security companies
For example to avoid counterfeit

Chester Proctor says:

I'm going to check out the Cobo now!

Kev Alan says:

have you ever covered multisig?

Yassine Mazrara says:

great video as always ! keep up the good work >> I would love that you make more videos about undervalued projects with potential in your opinion >> people call them low cap gems

Marcos Hernandez says:

Thank you 😎

Sanam Arora says:

Always look forward to your videos brother! keep it up!

Craig Ripley says:

Thank you for your videos.

Raz Busari says:

Thank you for this very informative information and suggestions (not advice 🤗). I am fairly new to Cryptos but enjoying the current bull run of BTC and other coins. Can you please do something on tezos and where you see this going?

N B says:

Thanks for this very useful episode … especially the dose of reality to help protect people during this bull run. Keep up the good work!

Glen W says:

Good stuff. Thanks. 👍👍

David Forrest says:

great video…!

Benjamin Hubbert says:

I’d love to see your top 10 Alt coins over the next 3-5 years. I’ve watched most of your videos and always learn something. Much appreciated, Hash!

Mr.Flipper says:

Thanks Hashoshi!

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