Bitcoin Bounce Inbound Or DOOM Drop NEXT?! August 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

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Derek Fox says:

My friend on my tablet and phone it works great but on my tv I can see your videos however there is no audio just a heads up thanks

pauld9 says:

Too bullish

Sal M says:

Looks like an Inverse head and elbows flying apache helicopter dragon on the 28 hr time frame. Just sayin.

Bruce Griffin says:

Use of crypto as a currency may not be important now, but just wait! Fiat is on its last legs! Once fiat implodes crypto will be there to fill the vacuum. Just look at high inflation nations like Venezuela! Crypto's day is coming and it may arrive a lot sooner than ANY of us imagine!i remember that John McAfee's said the chart for Bitcoin will surely reach 1million USD before 2030. If said thing is to happen, like his past predictions happened, One day on this channel, someone Recommended us to reach out to a man named Robert Johnson who has made a great impact in teaching young crypto investors a reliable method to Increase their Bitcoins & Xrp, I can Proudly boast of increasing my Portfolio from 2Btc to 9Btc, its just 4 weeks since I reached out to Him.

Larry Shepperson says:

Krown your ta is a true treasure brother….rock on

C T says:

What happens when the meth wares off?

Mcbryan Mcbryan says:

Title would suggest it’s either going up or down

Blockchain NP says:

I love your comment “ doesn’t matter what fuckin day it is we’re just doing rotations around the sun”. 🙏🤗🌞😎

Johan Zahri says:

Sell wall on the 1h commencing

Blake Slack says:

Turned 1,800 into 2,100 from BTC a couple years back and decided to invest in Icon and well I sold it for 30$ earlier this year.. Back into BTC

Mice Elf says:

Why do I sense a discouraging vibe?

Noble one says:

Spot on Krown you're ta is so powerfully amazing! Thank you

Trader Fam says:

Get the S coin police some donuts, they been working hard.

eric brimberry says:

i went long at 11150, started in profit and woke up the next day down a lot, i've just been holding onto the position i was down 60% at one point now im just hoping to make my money back 🙁

daveythehand says:

i missed a good long at 9.5k due to terror, lol — next time i will not let fear run my life so much.

David Hamilton says:

Krown seems really genuine in this video, seems like Someone I would like to follow. He seems pretty transparent and isn’t afraid to admit when he is wrong.

AK11 MK says:

Krown I dont Thank you enough for all you do!!!

Zoki R says:

Krown any thoughts on the Coppack curve?

doon - says:

Lmao definitely need more shitcoin police! Workin them to the bone

Satoshi Money says:

Definitely neutral waiting for two dildo to close

Mister Cee says:

Krown, this morning my bias said your bias was more a downside bias ;P

Nick Richards says:

krown bro your retirement account is set

dakota diesel says:

everyone wants to see that big fat gap baby

Vladicus Radicus says:

Dude… this market is a manipulated machine! This is a bogus response designed to get people to fomo in and then will come the next drop. You will be able to ride this back up to 11.5Kish and then another big drop to 9.5 and much lower

Jason Wigmann says:

Yeah boi!!!! Happiest of the happiest!!!!

Eric Calheim says:

Well well well

Chad Setti says:

Well well well

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