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BANKRUPTCY BOMBSHELL (Why Dozens Of CRYPTO Exchanges Are Dissolving) | BitBoy Crypto

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In your nightly crypto news wrap-up, we bring you the top crypto stories. Jim Cramer says there’s no real value in crypto. The bear market continues to take players off the table and is it possible for Cardano to blast off by September?

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What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:16 Cramer News Clip
0:58 Cramer vs. Crypto
2:08 Market Watch with Frankie Candles
3:14 R.I.P. Crypto Exchanges
4:42 Cardano’s Good News

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Tahrique Haley says:

I’m not buy anything till I hear from the FED! They are more then happy to reck the crypto market! 75 basis points thru the year means more pain!

Weare JackieChiles says:

I love the smoooove jazz! Stay sexy guys! 🙏

eyevanseetoe says:

Bitboy needs to get us a discount code for that ledger link 🙂

majurbludd says:

Crypto will live. Which one, who knows. Original ledgers will die. All original tech like yahoo or aol died. Groundbreaking ledgers will do the same. Crypto will live cause dollars are worthless.

Orchestra Teacher says:

😉Jim’s left squinty eye let’s you know he’s still mad about selling off his crypto. For someone supposedly so smart, He sure is dumb as doughnuts.🍩 Um, hasn’t done his 1,000 hrs yet.

Ralphy R says:

jim kramer is the bigest schill for wall street he must have some real comfortable knee pad when the wall street boys are around 🤣

Zwifty714 says:

Woah, did I just graduate into becoming an BitBoy Crypto OG!? I like the sound of that. 😂

MoeTow says:

Kramer from Seinfeld is smarter than Jim Cramer

paul fair says:

People need to understand we aren't looking bullish at all nasdaq Is carrying us right now lol

Paul Lockyer says:

Jeff Berkowitz was the brains of Cramer Berkowitz. Jim leveraged that relationship into a TV career.

Cam E says:

Jim Cramer also admitted to owning Ethereum

Dos de Yamaguchi says:

dude needs to layoff the sun

Brian Nava says:

Missing cramers point. He’s talking about all the shitcoins out there. Those will all need to be gone to cycle the crypto market

Brannon Jones says:

Jim Cramer once said "Bear Stearns is fine".. A few days later it was down 99%.. Always do the opposite of what Cramer says..

deuces2119 soto says:

I Iike how bitboy calls on cramers bust calls but what about his own? How many people still holding synthetix when it hit 26 or 27 dollars? How many people still waiting for it to reach its 400 call by bitboy? Or xrp to reach 200? Or bitcoin to hit 100k or the fact that we're still in a bull run since January lol that's just off the top of the head go back and see all the ridiculous calls this guy made since last year 🤣 😂

Colton Brummel says:

decent stuff man. Don't overwork yourself.

XRP leatherneck says:

Anyone know a good offline wallet for coins that the ledger doesn't support? Anyone know how to use an old cell phone as an offline wallet?

Steven Marx's says:

Is coinbase going under?

Caroline Yunker says:

Jim Cramer is a joke. Just a puppet for legacy finance establishment.

Clyde B says:

Isn’t Cramer an expert

Vene Heron says:

Where is the 10 k Eth?

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