YOU'RE INSANE TO KEEP YOUR MONEY IN THIS MARKET! Bitcoin Crypto Market holds! XRP is NOT an Answer.

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►BREAKING: The cryptocurrency market never ceases to amaze me. Once you think you know where it’s going to go, it does the exact opposite! Cryptocurrency Market or Bitcoin BTC market HOLDS STRONG despite the global economic and health crisis! This looks good for the future! Analysts says if BTC does NOT hold 6k then it will drop to sub 5k RAPIDLY. Also, Ripples new partner kicks XRP in the teeth and says it’s NOT the answer (for now at least). Also, Bitcoin Cash is set for its HALVING on 4/8


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Tales_of_the_crypto Crypto says:

I am with you on this, I don't have the stomach for trading, only in Ethereum now with the Dumbfuckery going on!

Polar Roller says:

Why not add some TEZOS? Any thoughts on this coin? I dollar cost average all the time as well. Majority of my holding by far is in BTC. I have a very similar alt coin profile like yours but have much less ETH, and moved completely out of Cardano, and keep growing my Tezos bag. I like the 5% interest I earn on Tezos as well through staking rewards. It's like a little dividend.

Polar Roller says:

I feel BTC is somewhat correlated to the stock markets…..but to give you the benefit of the doubt, we are in a black swan event and everything crashed.

Satoshi Nakamoto says:

Holding but it up

The_Other _Seto_Kaiba says:

DAN… if you find red flags about XRP when everything else like Bitcoin and other coins go up making new highs while your XRP does not even reach $1 even after 2021. Too little too late for that "married" XRP holdings of yours. I do give you credit for being bias, but foolish for having so much cash tied up to only on XRP.

Samuel Montero says:

I'm in let's do it.

Jacob Stacy says:

Any small business stimulas coming???

DuckyMcScrooge says:

I didn’t think XRP would have so little life heading toward the end of March. It’s lower in price than Populous for Christ’s sake.

Steve Fixes Pain says:

The fed will just keep printing money and worry about it later. I like Cryptopolis’s assessment as what will happen later.

Daniel Halenko says:

a trade off. i love it! im not taking you up…mainly because i DCA too 🙂 but it will be interesting.

Shane Boorer says:

Found another scam YouTube channel:
Report it and shut it down.

Brad Garlinghouse CEO RIPPLE – 50 000 000 XRP GIVEAWAY AIR-DROP!

Chris Private says:

I think ripple is scared off from Latin America because of investigations into money laundering. I think they might already have gone to court once for that. Lotta cartels washing with crypto. Chico did a story on that once. Not an xrp hater

Daniel Halenko says:

"china is on lockdown" – is it? Ive been reading since 6th march that shops are open. Starbucks definately it, its on their blog.

CC says:

Holding strong. No trading!!

Garry Rivera says:

Yes the banks are going to fail and they're not going to let you pull out your money. I went today and asked to pull out $5,000 and they were implementing limits of $3,000. We're not even in economic panic mode yet cuz everyone's distracted by Covid-19. In 6 months the rumor mill is going to start, people are going to start panicking and in one year when we really feel the pain of this economic collapse the banks will not let you withdraw your money.

Nathan Schwermann says:

We've recovered a lot sure but I'm still down like 40% only thing I'm up on is what casg I could put together to buy on red Thursday.

anandasama says:

I am HODLING and cost-averaging. Trying to get the relative dips. Not a trader, I believe in the decentralized and trustless technology and crypto culture.
Mainly BTC maximalist. I have a few other coins, but the more I learn about Bitcoin BTC, the less interested I am in the alts.

I am holding very small amounts of XRP which I bought in the beginning, but I am going to sell it because I realized it is nothing more than Digital FIAT.

rvnmedic1968 says:

Excellent vid!


This only gonna help crypto

Gladys Salsberg says:

matic way more upside

Gladys Salsberg says:

bch is trash

XRP333 ᗪŘᗴᗩmẸг says:

Just FYI…I am in NY and we are not locked down. We are free to come and go as we please.
Most people are still going to work also. Don't believe the hype.

Nunya Bidness says:

Hard caps don't mean shit when there's "hard forks"…. New tech, new way to print more…….

Jackson Vogel says:

Just a request, if you could cover ETH vs. ETH 2.0 would be helpful. You have a natural talent for putting this crypto news in simple language.

Michael Wright says:

Hey I've seen multiple channels with the name changed to Microsoft US with a live stream of Bill Gates talking. Looks like their all scams!

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