Will Bitcoin Pump Hold? | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

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Tune in and find out the latest Bitcoin news and the latest crypto news from today!

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Mr. Bill says:

I told jim Cramer 4wks ago..dont tell people to buy stocks..theres a wave coming and I got blocked..

Mr. Bill says:

Do u actually think china stopped an unseen virus..Italy said china was lying about the number of deaths..theres this thing called dishonesty look it up..its gonna hit the u.s hard in the next couple of weeks..sad

Mr. Bill says:

My main point is this..in the up coming wks..unemployment is gonna be insane..low income people will not have dollars to buy food for there families..and people are spending our tax dollars on big businesses..wut about the homeless,the unemployed,our docs an nurses on the front line..makes no sense tu me..just my opinion

Mr. Bill says:

The dollar used tu be tied tu gold..but as u know..that's not true anymore..its become a monopoly game out of control..the dollar wont fall as to many people have there hands in the game..if you read an look back..the stock market began as a side bet..if fb stock crashed today..fb would go on..the only reason bitcoin isnt jumping right now is because it didnt have its footing before the pandemic..

Ricky D says:

People who can't work will need two checks. $1200 is ridiculous for people who live in expensive places.

A C says:

lost 40 euros in trading fees because of bitcoin drop :

Mark Carter says:

Thanks for keeping it real George

The Unspoken Truth says:

You change your mind every five mins . It's was a pump yesterday now it's a steady increase . Bad content

Hellcat Crypto says:

FK this i shorted at 6400.

4real ceo says:

this is rome in the states n who rules the world n its more than corona …its about power that they have

alex cervantes says:

Lol Bulltard 😂😂

crypto lite says:

Waiting for that fiat airdrop so i can buy more bitcoin 😂😂

sach Ab says:

Hi from France 🇫🇷🇫🇷 I love your content and your work. Keep up the good work. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Mr. Sandy says:

I love you George and appreciate the content you give regarding the Crypto space. But I’m getting frustrated because the information you share concerning the economy, politics, world events, etc. are way off base. The fake news sources you have for information aren’t giving you the real news as to what’s going on.
Of course we all need to do our due diligence of vetting the news we listen to and read but what I’m hearing from you is not accurate.
Example: the US debt
This is why President Trump never mentions anything about our 22 trillion in debt because it doesn’t exist.
The Evil Cabal is running the show and they have been stealing our money for a long time and causing us to remain in debt (all by design). The Wealth will finally be coming back to us, We The People, very soon.
The reason for all the craziness in the world right now is because the Deep State Cabal is being dealt with,…Hollywood, Central Bank System, Criminal DC politicians, Fake News Media, Pedophiles, Sex Traffickers, the Vatican, Satan worshippers (child sacrifices),…”these people are sick”
Why are so many CEOs resigning???
We will win the war against the “Silent Enemy”.
It’s all about Good vs Evil and “Light Wins” in the end.
We all need to wake up, turn off the Propaganda we hear from cable news and stay informed from Real News sources, example: OAN news, the Epoch Times, X22 Report, His Glory, And We Know, ….

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