Top Crypto Investors Explain – How to Build an Optimal Crypto Portfolio

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Top crypto investors and fund managers discussed how to create a balanced crypto portfolio

Time Frame :

1:20 – Do investors see Bitcoin as a safe haven?
3:13 – Are institutions looking at other crypto besides Bitcoin?
4:25 – How much of a traditional fund manager’s portfolio should be dedicated to crypto?
6:07 – How should a fund manager structure his/her crypto portfolio?
12:43- Will the top coins by market cap keep their positions in the next few decades?
17:59 – How to build the optimal crypto portfolio?
19:26 – Would you invest in Ethereum or in individual DeFI projects?
22:02 – How to build the optimal crypto portfolio?
28:42 – Will investors turn to Bitcoin once gold becomes too expensive?
31:09 – How much of your personal wealth is in crypto?
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