The economic impact of Covid-19 and how it will benefit Cryptocurrencies

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What cryto’s will benefit from the crisis?

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. Investing and trading is risky, and you can lose your money. The information in this video should not be used to make any investment decisions. You should contact a licensed financial adviser prior to making any investment decisions.

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Eric Sea says:

Eric have you checked out RNDR token. i think people are blind to how big this could be

Dustin Preiß says:

At one point this week, analysts thought Bitcoin was about to be thrust into a full-blown bull market. The cryptocurrency saw a strong rally at the start of the week that took ti as high as $9,800 on major exchanges. But in normal BTC fashion, the rally was shut down as buyers were liquidated, resulting in a plunge to $9,000.The cryptocurrency has since stabilized in the low-$9,000s. This is above the psychological support of $9,000 and There seems to be a growing sense of unease around Bitcoin’s price action. The reason: BTC has been unable to hold the high-$9,000s and levels above $10,000.Do not trade all by yourself instead trade under the guidance and supervision of an expert. Involving in day trading is what i can recommend at the moment as it's been successful for me because i got to know of Gregor Filippo strategy/daily signals which with his guide i have been able to make massive profits, during my first month i was able to grow my portfolio from 0.9btc to a total of 6.7btc which you will agree is a very good profits. Meanwhile Reach him on WatsAp.+447721580045 on tlegram-Gregor_Filippo if you really want to be successful in bitcoin investment and trading and all other crypto related questions.

Turtle Tank says:

I’m kinda confused on why the price hasn’t even risen a little bit with everything that’s happened. You would assume that price would rise just due to speculation.can you help provide a little clarity to that?

M S says:

Great analysis!

Eustace Mullins says:

Thank you for the valuable content

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