CryptoNDX – Armenian startup, the winner of the Blockchain Leadership Summit startup competition – came last week to Switzerland for a 3-days roadshow!

⏩ CryptoNDX is a cryptomarket information registry: all the info that you need about blockchain & crypto exchanges on one platform.

During 3 days InnMind organised for CryptoNDX team a set of meetings in Switzerland and Crypto Valley with funds, investors, potential customers and strategic partners. Here are some numbers of this roadshow:

✅ CryptoNDX visited 5 cantons and participated in 21 meeting.

✅ CryptoNDX was presented in 2 Swiss meetups (Bern and Lausanne) with 60+ attendees each.

✅ Artur Aslanyan, founder and CEO of CryptoNDX, pitched the new product to 4 crypto banks, 4 crypto and blockchain investors, 3 cantonal authorities, and 3 potential R&D partners.

Too early to disclose more, but we cross our fingers 🤞to see the follow-up deals!

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Caspian is a full-stack cryptoasset management platform tying together the biggest crypto exchanges in a single interface, so as to facilitate investments in crypto instruments for newcomers and veterans alike. The joint venture between heavyweights Tora and Kenetic brings to the table a wealth of experience in asset management, accumulated over decades of building and operating trading platforms and technologies.

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