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We spoke about libertarianism… and how houses were never meant to be an asset.

Ever wondered how Bitcoin transactions are tracked? Jonathan makes it his business to go down the rabbit hole looking for patterns in puzzles like Silk Road. Criminal behaviour is criminal behaviour, same way of thinking applies in the crypto currency world which makes tracking easier. Well, for a while at least 🙂

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We chatted with Max at the Owl, (a restaurant in Sydney that accepts Bitcoin). At time of interview Flux was merely a conversation. Shortly after Max cofounded a political party focussing on policy rather than people was a runner for Australia’s Federal election.

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Project 256 has street artists paint portraits of homeless people and adds a spray painted QR code that enables people around the world and people on the street viewing the art to donate to the homeless person in the painting via Bitcoin.

Introducing the Melbourne businesses that accept Bitcoin. Most have alternative views, are enthusiastic crypto currency people and love to talk Bitcoin.

Meet Mayra Ceja, partner at Republic and host of Venture Unplugged. We have a great chat where we learn about what she and investors look for in companies prior to investing, her journey from business to blockchain, what she does for fun and a ton more. WIN $100 BCH

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Meet Andreas Antonopoulos 1:02
Crypto Market Analysis 2:03
Bitcoin Technical Analysis 2:35
Facebook Crypto Announcement 5:53
XRP Zurich Office 6:38
SL Benfica Accepts Bitcoin 7:14
Microsoft Verisol 8:05
9 Ways to Lose Crypto 8:42
CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit 10:42
eBiz Expo Asia 11:01

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Meet our CEO Daniel Neves as he walks us through the IOCX Security Token Offering.

Offer valid for US ACCREDITED INVESTORS ONLY, and qualified foreign investors

Dr. David Meszaros is an International Blockchain Lawyer, provides services as a lawyer, business consultant, and blockchain enthusiast, with knowledge of global legal systems, including but not limited to the EU, US, and the UK.
Drafting contracts, token sales agreements, conducting legal audits of your tokens, researching the law, incorporating companies, assisting with bank accounts, giving general business counsel and ensuring your compliance with the law are among the many things he assists with.

About Braincities:
Braincities Lab is a French startup specialized in behaviour analysis and intention mining.
We created the first autonomous system endowed with judging and empathy capabilities to augment decision-makers’ faculties. Our A.I. uses the power of dynamical knowledge-bases and the accuracy of an algorithm that measures the steady-state of evolving processes, helping businesses make the right choice at the right time.

Contact us and find out how we are helping leading companies overcome the business challenges stemming from industries automation:

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Zug, Switzerland is a special place known as the Crypto Valley. 🏞This place hosts thousands of Blockchain⛓ initiatives and allow citizens to pay some services in Bitcoin.

Can Rotterdam 🏙 become the next Crypto Valley? Only through innovation and collaboration this will be possible. 💪

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