WEF Rep Praises Cryptocurrencies – Joins Ripple’s Swell to Give Keynote Speech

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are tools that will change business models, says a representative of the World Economic Forum.
Sheila Warren, an executive employee of the WEF will hold a keynote at this year’s Ripple’s SWELL conference.

In an interview for “The Voice of Woman”, the Head of Blockchain, Data and Digital Assets of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Sheila Warren spoke about blockchain and @. Warren predicts that these new technologies will be an intrinsic part of the world and society in the upcoming years. At this point, they will no longer have the media coverage they have today because “they will be taken for granted,” just like the Internet

Thus, Warren predicted a change in the way business will be done. In a decade major businesses will be supported by blockchain. Referring to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Warren said she is optimistic. In opposition to the popular belief that @-bitcoin-btc-history-and-beginner-guide/, @-ethereum-history-and-beginners-guide/ and @-ripple-and-what-is-xrp-origin-and-beginner-guide/ are used for illicit activities, Warren emphasized that only a small portion is used by criminals. 

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This is a short promotional video (3 of 3) from the PropTech Latam Summit June 6, 2019. Ubitquity is sponsoring the main the event’s keynote speaker, Prof. Andrew Baum! We are also sponsoring the main event. Discussed in this PropTech 3.0 clip: “When will we be able to buy and sell houses online?”

Jerome Powell, a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, delivered the keynote address on March 3, 2017 at the Weil, Gotshal & Manges Roundtable at Yale Law School on “Blockchain: The Future of Finance and Capital Markets?,” organized by the Yale Law School Center for the Study of Corporate Law.

Bitcoin and blockchain technology are mentioned everywhere in the media and described alternately as disruptive, innovative, criminal, brilliant, and the future of financial technology. This keynote will separate the reality from the hype, covering a brief history, current uses and developments, and advantages being explored by the fintech industry. Bitcoin will be demystified as a currency, recognizing its usefulness and perceived threat to governments, corporations, and banks. We’ll also cover what makes the bitcoin blockchain such a revolutionary tool, and why those same institutions are trying to bend it to their will. Lastly, we’ll discuss alternative blockchains like Ethereum, and the additional solutions they offer.

Our Co-Founder & COO, Bobby Ong’s, insight on the “State of #Crypto Markets in Asia.”

Main Highlights:

• Asia plays a major role in mining pools & validators
• Asia has seen a huge increase in crypto exchanges
• Competition is driving innovation from Asia

View the presentation slides here: http://bit.ly/coingecko-stateofcryptoasia

Keynote by Daniel Haudenschild, President of the Crypto Valley Association:
“Core challenge to raise the actual and perceived trustlessness and trustworthiness of blockchains in the banking sector”

Remote Keynote address given from John McAfee from exile in port at Cuba. A message not only for Americans, or crypto people, but one fore the entire world.

Keynote by Daniel Haudenschild, President of the Crypto Valley Association:
“Core challenge to raise the actual and perceived trustlessness and trustworthiness of blockchains in the banking sector”

Best-selling author of “The Business Blockchain” and host of Token Summit, William Mougayar delivers the keynote speech at the Blockchain Summit – Crypto Valley on Tokeconomics and Tokens 2.0.

Slides from the presentation can be found here:

Blockchain Impact Investment Summit 2018 Toronto
Sept 28th 2018

“Crypto Regulation – Will Investors Drive Regulation?”
Keynote Presentation by
Philip Long, Miller Thomson LLP

Celer Network is honored to be invited and attend Ethereum’s biggest conference of the year — DevCon4. On November 1st, as the representative of the off-chain scaling solutions, we shared our latest technological breakthroughs and product developments progress. Check the video!

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This is a beautiful presentation of what makes cryptocurrency have value. Must listen for All Crypto investors

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