We caught up with Chris Orwa, the lead data scientist, I&M Bank Kenya, during the Trescon Global World AI Show to discuss data analysis, blockchain, and crypto in relation to the banking industry.

Chris is a recognized Kenyan data scientist who also blogs regularly on blackorwa.com where he analyzes various consumer services while offering a unique data analysis methodology.

When it comes to crypto however, Chris is not very optimistic when it comes to adoption and use cases especially around the banking industry.

this demo shows how use the telegram messenger or whatsapp to send Bitcoin to m-pesa: https://vimeo.com/143249662

check out the related blog post: http://michaelbumann.com/post/131753113277/sending-bitcoin-to-a-kenyan-mobile-money-account

Sadly some people miss understood my demo… no currency conversion is done. This demo was an UX experiment and prototype. Please contact me for questions.

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