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► Gemini | Adds Bitcoin Cash to their Exchange and App
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the fifth digital asset available on the Gemini platform, joining Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Zcash.


► | RAISES OVER 58K in BCH matched all donations made within a 24 hour period, doubling the amount of donations made!


► Vitalik Buterin Chimes in on BCH
Vitalik: “In a sea of coins based on elliptic curve cryptography, how does Bitcoin [Core] even plan to stick out?


►GitCash | BCH Tipping through GitHub adds 4 New Features and Chooses BCH.


► Honest.Cash | New Updates to Earn More Bitcoin Cash
Users can now get paid for upvoting and promoting good content early on, allowing early voters to be significantly rewarded.


►Coinbase | Now Hosting More than 30 Cryptocurrencies
Coinbase has announced that it plans to list over 30 cryptocurrencies, with many more to follow.


►OKEx | Relists Bitcoin Cash with the (BCH) Ticker
Hong Kong-based OKEx will relist the Bitcoin Cash under the original Bitcoin Cash ticker, BCH.
Spot trading of both BCHSV and BCHABC will be suspended while all remaining balances of the original Bitcoin Cash will be settled and removed from users’ accounts.


►OneGold | Adds Bitpay as Payment Option for BCH/BTC
Now users can buy, sell and redeem digital gold and other precious metals founded by APMEX and Sprott.
Now accepting Bitcoin Cash and BTC.


►SAMSUNG | Planning to Integrate Crypto Cold Storage
According to SamMobile, the integrations would allow users to import their data from wallets such as MetaMask and Trust Wallet to transact natively with the mobile phone.


►Google Trends | “What is Bitcoin?” Top Question in 2018
The most popular 2018 search on Google was all about Bitcoin- providing confidence that the technology is still grasping the world’s attention.


►PlayAsia | Online Shopping Store Accepts Bitcoin Cash accepts Bitcoin Cash for purchases for thousands of different products, including Electronics, lifestyle products, apparel.
Games for PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.


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