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This video is for idap.io ICO which can be one of the best exchange of future which will help institutional investors to trade crypto on there exchange as they will be having all sort of advance level trading charts and analysis available over this exchange .

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Bitbns has introduced a lot of new changes to its margin trading platform. The exchange has increased the amount of cryptocurrencies available for margin trading from 13 to 28 increasing the options for traders. Borrowers and lenders can now define their own rate of interest, unlike earlier where it was pre-decided for them. This should foster more competition and introduce competitive rates for borrowers. Another big change is that the borrowers can now take a margin loan against their entire net worth, even for cryptocurrencies they do not hold on their wallets. Earlier, margin loan was restricted to the cryptocurrencies already available with the borrowers. But the new changes will now allow borrowers more flexibility by giving them the option of taking any cryptocurrency on margin loan.

Of course, the maximum value of the margin loan cannot exceed the net-worth of the borrowers. The minimum value of margin loan has been pre-defined for each cryptocurrency. Bitbns has also introduced an open order book in the margin trading window giving borrowers and lenders greater visibility into the demands of the market. Another important thing to note is that all withdrawals and trading will be temporarily paused while placing the borrow order till the time it is executed or cancelled. As far as the allocation is concerned, the margin loan sanctioned will be dependent on the different cryptocurrencies available. A borrower could get a margin loan up to his/her entire net worth. The margin loan in INR value would then be calculated with the current price of the crypto asset to give the margin loan to the borrower in the correct amount of cryptocurrency. A partially fulfilled margin borrow request will be cancelled automatically by Bitbns under 15 minutes.

Lenders can continue to earn interest on their cryptocurrencies. While they are free to set their interest rate, 15% of the profit will be deducted by Bitbns as commission. Borrowers, on the other hand, will have to complete their settlements (including interest) in the same cryptocurrencies they borrowed on margin.

Importantly, Bitbns holds the right to liquidate borrower assets, if they lose 80% of the margin loan availed or if the net worth falls below the amount required to settle the funds. This is done to settle the loan with lenders. Alternatively, borrowers can reload their INR or crypto wallets to get out of the liquidate zone. If users don’t return their margin loan on time, then the interest will keep accruing on the amount and withdrawals will be paused for the duration.

Sign up on Bitbns: https://ref.bitbns.com/96092


Yet Another Surprise for Margin Traders!: https://medium.com/bitbns/yet-another-surprise-for-margin-traders-4afdfeaabe0a

Bitbns introduces margin trading for cryptocurrencies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2i0tE47OHDs&t=278s

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