So bitcoin price tested $8500 and got rejected, if we can make it above that price I think bitcoin price could push as high as $11,800 before we start our decent. However if the BTC price cannot make it above 8.5k then I think price will be dropping down to price targets around 5k and possible much lower. I also show you how these bitcoin and alt coin charts have played out overnight. To be eligible for the 2 Ellipal hardware wallets you need to leave a comment and be subscribed to my website. Next live stream I will be selecting two random winners. To access my bitcoin charts that play out live on all devices and my tutorial videos on how I create these charts, please visit my website at:

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Ethereum Technical Analysis Price Today
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Discover the latest technical analysis for Ethereum. Now that the ICO boom has ended, demand for Ethereum to use to fund ICOs has dropped, causing the cryptocurrency to drop as much as 94% from its previous all-time high, and is still down 85% from the number even though Bitcoin reclaimed most of its all-time high.

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GRS cryptocurrency (GroestlCoin) is up 200%. What caused this? A MasterCard backed by GRS was released. Will GRS coin keep going up

What is Bitcoin doing? Will Bitcoin go up or will Bitcoin crash again?

More cryptocurrency news and cryptocurrency technical analysis.

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