Profiles: Daniel Sloan, Recognized leader in the blockchain/crypto space, Co-founder Future Tech

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Daniel Sloan started in the Information Technology industry in 1995 and has built multiple businesses during his 25-year career. Daniel is co-founder leading Blockchain & AI Practice Manager at Future Tech / RebuildTheChain, Pandemic Management Platform

A recognized leader in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space, Daniel was one of a select few entrepreneurs who was invited to NASDAQ to speak about blockchain in early 2018.
A cofounder of BlockchainSaw, Daniel has worked closely with dozens of startups as a software development partner providing blockchain solutions. BlockchainSaw also invests in select projects, and Daniel provides mentorship to the founders and executive teams of those companies.

He is also cofounder of Future Tech, a company that provides blockchain, AI and machine learning solutions. Daniel is working closely with his partner Accubits in proving their pandemic management solution named #RebuildTheChain. They are working with numerous governments around the globe to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and restore their ailing economies.………

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