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Cryptocurrency!!!!.. Top Cryptos for 2020 — What’s the Best Cryptocurrency in 2020 ? I can give you the basic understanding of Crypto flow. But you can analysis daily and keep watch on trading news and company performance. This video you will very basics of Crypto trend, value and moves. This is not an advice to buy or invest, give you an idea about “Virtual CURRENCY”. (More)

We interviewed Joel John, Crypto Analyst & Data nerd on Episode 04 to discuss venture scale investing in crypto data business models. (More)

Gem #10 from Episode 04 of The Hidden Gems Podcast by Covalent with Joel John (https://twitter.com/joel_john95) in conversation with Ganesh Swami (https://twitter.com/gane5h) (More)

Moderated by: Ruth Catlow
With: Paul Kolling, Jaya Klara Brekke, Max Dowey (More)

Phil Li from Obsidian Labs presenting Launch your first blockchain in 5 minutes using Substrate IDE. (More)

In this Solidity Tutorial, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about deploying smart contracts. Each of these concepts are also detailed with practical examples. We’re going to be covering topics like:
1) Private Ethereum Blockchain
2) Private Ethereum Network
3) Ethereum Smart Contracts
4) Smart Contract Development Environment
5) Solidity Programming
6) Arrays
7) Enums
8) Structs
9) Function Declaration in Solidity
10) Inheritance
11) Events
12) Creating Contracts Using “New” Operator00:48
13) ERC20 Token03:41
14) Demo: Create a Smart Contract to Issue Your Own Digital Token16:31
15) Solidity Smart Contract Design Patterns03:41
16) Demo: Solidity Smart Contract to Develop Property Transfer System13:04 (More)

For the last two weeks we have been discussing the $0.175 price level and how it was the most likely price level to be touched. As the daily and weekly candles closed yesterday, the Ripple XRP Chart did someething amazing, it wicked down to exactly $0.175000. Perfectly. (More)

Videointervista a Francesco Cardarelli, Ordinario Istituzioni di Diritto Pubblico – Università degli Studi Roma Foro Italico (More)

Panel discussion: “Investments and Pivots during Pandemic: Fintech and Blockchain” (More)

Trade more than 200 Crypto (More)

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Shill Me Your Favorite Altcoin Projects And For This One Live Stream I Will Talk About them! (More)

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Hello Cryptoheads! (More)

CoinAnalyst is the new information and analysis platform for cryptocurrencies and ICOs.
Trading cryptocurrencies is still highly speculative — and research is very difficult: You’re confronted with a mass of information, but it’s extremely time-consuming to separate relevant news from spam and to identify scams.
CoinAnalyst makes cryptocurrencies transparent. Purchase and sale decisions can be made on the basis of valid data and intelligent analyses, provided by Artificial Intelligence.
This enables the user to identify opportunities and risks and react promptly and proactively to price fluctuations.
CoinAnalyst uses the technology by Cogia Intelligence.
The company has 7 years experience in developing Big Data Analytics technologies, with Fortune 500 clients.
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El Blockchain con Lluís Mas y Albert Salvany (More)

Blockchain 101 (More)

Wat is Blockchain (More)

Wat is blockchain? Welke voordelen kent blockchain en wat betekent het voor u? (More)

Umbra is protocol for enabling stealth payments on the Ethereum blockchain. It enables privacy preserving transactions where the receiver’s identity is only known to the sender and receiver. (More)

‘Post-Bitcoin Halving & Cryptocurrency Markets and Trading’ With Avi Felman of BlockTower Capital. Now that the 3rd bitcoin halving is complete, what’s happening in the crypto markets? Is it what people expected or forecasted? Ryan Gorman and myself will discus with BlockTowers Head of Trading; Avi Felman. Tune in to this smart, educating conversation. (More)

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This short Bitcoin explainer video is perfect for bitcoin newbies, young and old. (More)

This is one of the videos within my complete duplicate Bitcoin marketing funnel, this video is the intro to the blueprint section on how to market your funnel to gain customers to your own Bitcoin business, go check it out. You get this $8k plus funnel for free when you join our Bitcoin business (More)

Animation explaining what bitcoin is as part of a larger site navigation project commisioned by Seed Supereme (More)

Bitcoin Cloud Mining List 2016 | BTC Bitcoin Investment min 0.01 btc daily profit 0.00036000 btc life time benefit
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An explainer video laying out Bitcoin basics.
Made at Press Association using C4D and AE. (More)

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Top 10 cryptocurrencies for this cycle. Are Bitcoin and Ethereum in this list? And what about XRP, Litecoin, Chainlink or Cardano? You find it out in these series (3 videos). (More)

My most profitable Masternodes I Ways To Earn Passive Income with Cryptocurrency I Make money online (More)

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