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La Blockchain, c’est quoi au juste ?
Tentative pour donner quelques clefs et perspectives sur cette révolution de la décentralisation (More)

The path seems open for bitcoin to stage an end of year rally, with $20,000 shaping up as a realistic price target.  (More)

Live from Davos, DisrupTV caught up with Richie Etwaru, CDO at IQVIA & Author of “Blockchain: Trust Companies,” Jayraj Nair, Global Head of IoT and VP at Wipro, David Chou, VP & CIO/CDO at Children’s Mercy Kansas City, and Saul Kaplan, Founder and Chief Catalyst at Business Innovation Factory. (More)

Stellar blockchain is a third generation blockchain. Let’s review the features that make it one of the most efficient platforms in the market. (More)

Full episode with Vitalik Buterin (Mar 2020): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3x1b_S6Qp2Q
Clips channel (Lex Clips): https://www.youtube.com/lexclips
Main channel (Lex Fridman): https://www.youtube.com/lexfridman
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In this video i reveal one not so secret tool that i use that gives me an edge when i trade the markets. Best thing is you can use it too! I go over some of the aspects that i look over when i review the data generated from my trades and how i read that data to use it to improve my system weekly. if you have and questions comments like and comment below or send me a message.
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Thanks for watching, and we hope you got some value from our perspective of the markets! (More)

Thanks for watching, and we hope you got some value from our perspective of the markets! (More)

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The Crypto Miner Car is in essence a self-driving car that gains autonomy to move, powered by force of mining cryptocurrencies and not as once by manpower or horsepower. A ‘Car’ which is fuelled by an AI deep reinforcement learning system and which will move driven by the ever-increasing computational-intensive tasks involved in this process. (More)

Today, there was absolutely to action at all but I still wanted to make a video. I’m back with another video showing the high percentage gains in order to see what we are going to get into but I have seen that TradingView charting is a little bit flawed. When it comes to data, I have seen that TradingView is outdated and could possible mislead you when placing a trade that’s IF you don’t have the premium option. I hope you’re starting to understand what I am looking for as I will not be speculating for long but trading them & I just want you guys to get the feel for the bigger stuff as we’re going to grow together! In this video I show my viewers some hot picks I seen from yesterday going into today which are moving +50% and could keep moving into tomorrow just pay attention to the ones I show you in the video. (More)

Do you want to start your own crypto exchange like Binance, KuCoin or BiKi Exchange? Check out this ChainUP video! (More)

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3d: Aizat Aizma
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Mendocino Complex Fire
The Ranch Fire
Date: August 5th 2018
High Valley Area ~ Under Attack
Fire Distroys Fire Fighting Heavy Equipment
___________________________________ (More)

BitHunt is an augmented reality treasure hunt for bitcoins. (More)

Jeff Koenig (@jeffkoenig) talks about continuous integration using Jenkins, an open source CI server system. (More)

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In this video, we discuss the market cycle return on investment (ROI) from each market cycle bottom. We investigate whether Bitcoin is still on track based on past mathematical trends, and further talk about how lengthening cycles are likely the correct answer. Remember to subscribe if you want to follow along for future updates! (More)

►BREAKING: I’m not going to lie – it’s bad out there….for now. REMEMBER THAT THIS IS TEMPORARY! However, Monday opening bell we should see fireworks – the kind that blow up in your hand. Moneygram admits to selling off ALL XRP and a smart argument is raised for Bitcoin BTC to be a store of value / safe haven. (More)

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Crex24 Crypto Exchange || ERD token Payment getway|| Trade & Buy Sell.. 💰
E͢RD͢ T͢o͢k͢e͢n͢ k͢a͢ A͢u͢t͢o͢ p͢o͢o͢l͢ k͢a͢ D͢h͢a͢m͢a͢k͢a͢ p͢l͢a͢n͢ d͢o͢n͢’t͢ b͢e͢ m͢i͢s͢s͢e͢d͢ a͢ g͢re͢a͢t͢ o͢p͢p͢o͢rt͢u͢n͢i͢t͢y͢ T͢o͢ e͢a͢rn͢ o͢n͢e͢ C͢R͢ T͢h͢ro͢u͢g͢h͢ A͢u͢t͢o͢ p͢o͢o͢l͢👆👏
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ओटो पुल इनकम।👇
👉इलडोराडो इंटरनेशनल में टोटल 4 ओटो पुल है और हमें इन 4 ओटो पुल इस प्रकार से मिलता है।
1.A͢m͢e͢rl͢a͢n͢d͢ 30$ -32लाख
30 डॉलर से आईडी एक्टिव कीजिए।
ओर ओटो पुल 32 लाख लीजिए।
2.R͢u͢b͢y͢ 55 $-1.31करोड़
4 आईडी डायरेक्ट कीजिए।
ओर 55 डॉलर से अपग्रेड कीजिए।
ओटो पुल 1 करोड़ 31 लाख लीजिए।
S͢A͢P͢P͢H͢I͢R͢E͢ R͢A͢N͢K͢- 125$ 3.93 करोड़
+4 आईडी डायरेक्ट कीजिए
ओर 125 डॉलर से अपग्रेड कीजिए।
ओटो पुल 3 करोड़ 93 लाख लीजिए।
4. D͢I͢A͢M͢O͢N͢D͢ R͢A͢N͢K͢ – 1125 $ -39.33 करोड़
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Session 2 – Dismantling Global Finance
MoneyLab: Coining Alternatives
Conference Day 1 (21 March 2014) (More)

The Flat Organization: A Journey Into Holacracy – a DisruptHR talk by Leanne Wong – (More)

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A Series Fund for Accredited & Eligible Contract Participant (ECP) Investors, the DBL Digital Series Fund uses options hedging strategies to create yield on bitcoin held in a segregated cold wallet at a qualified custodian during a 1 to 6-month investment tenor. (More)

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