Monthly Cryptocurrency Savings Plan

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Here is one strategy for saving cryptocurrencies. Take a look at this video and you’re one step closer to continuous investing. Before you can make any investment, you need to have a verified Coinmotion account. Go to to create an account and start saving.

Cryptocurrencies are an asset class with lot of volatility. It is a reasonable to diversify your investments into smaller amounts by making a monthly savings plan to reduce risks.

In Coinmotion there are 5 different cryptocurrencies to choose from. You can divide your investment in between these five options. Minimum amount for monthly saving is 10€ and the commission is always 1%. The service displays the number of cryptocurrencies to be purchased at a real time rate.

Make sure you always have enough money on your Coinmotion account on a due date in order to able to do monthly savings. Monthly saving plan will execute on the day you have chosen for saving day if you have enough EUR balance on your Coinmotion account. You can choose to receive a reminder to your email about making the monthly saving deposit.

You can see the details for you monthly saving plan at the bottom of the page in Coinmotion service. You can change your saving plan any time and without extra costs. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service in any channel.

Frequently asked questions can be found here

Coinmotion is a secure way to buy and sell Bitcoin with SEPA, credit & debit cards and Sofort payments. The leading cryptocurrency broker in the Nordics!

Coinmotion | Safe and Secure Cryptocurrency Investing


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