Monday Night Crypto Live – Nic Trades Technical Analysis

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Nictrades analyses the cryptocurrency markets as well as takes a look at forex & futures markets.
Tonights requests are BTC ETH XHV ENJ DATA ZREX VIBE FUN BAT BSV COMP ATOM ADA NMR XLM MDA QTUM A … plus ask me for any chart if we have time at the end.

To join Nic’s Strategy Group:
It is a monthly fee of £25/month. It includes access to a library of lessons on many of the tools she uses to analyse the markets, a weekly TLC class, with access to all previous classes to watch as replays. She also live streams 3 times per day where she applies the strategies to live markets and there is a sheet with a rundown of most of the markets she will have looked at during the live stream which is updated daily. When she am trading away from the live streams she sends out alerts via direct message. There is also a lovely community in the group with loads of genuine helpful people.

There’s a 30-day money back guarantee, feel free to try it and if it’s not for you, not as expected, or there is no value there for you, she is very happy to refund you.

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Lesley Melanie says:

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The Daleks says:

Topics covered


11:54 ETH

13:07 XHV

18:23 ENJ

25:50 DATA

27:00 ZRX

31:48 DRGN

32:18 VIBE

35:00 FUN

37:11 BAT

40:29 BSV*

44:23 COMP

46:59 ATOM

49:08 ADA

52:44 NMR

55:34 XLM

59:53 MDA

1:02:38 QTUM

1:06:06 CELR

1:09:18 MATIC

1:15:22 KNC

1:17:48 MKR

1:20:52 HBAR

1:25:26 ARN

1:27:36 BCD

1:32:34 WRX

1:35:30 XTZ

1:38:24 XRP

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