Is Crypto Converging With Public Markets?

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Today on the Brief:
Initial jobless claims rise to highest level since August
BTC as a DeFi reserve asset
Twitter reactions as Filecoin goes live

Our main discussion focuses on the convergence of the crypto and public markets. NLW looks at:
Narratives of bitcoin’s correlations to stocks
Growing overlap of retail and institutional traders
SPACs and public crypto companies
Bitcoin treasuries
Geopolitical intrigue around ANT Financial

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Vex1968 says:

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Digital Money says:

Tbh, seeing a lot of Americans think they influence the market moves in BTC is almost hilarious. I know it's a case of non-malicious naivete but everyone has to realise: 1) Largest exchanges & BTC wallets are Chinese 2) All key market mover mining firms are Chinese 3) In number, likely more Asians (Korea/JP/China) trade BTC than anyone else.
If anything, BTC tends to move inverse to dollar strength, just like other risk-on asset indices like NSDQ & S&P. That's about the correlation you'll ever get.

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