How NOT To Invest In Cryptocurrencies.. (MUST WATCH)

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SepHir0tH77 says:

like your list & 'try' to stick to them as much as i can 🙂 but as we know, sometimes it can be difficult to stick to our own rules. fingers crossed for a wallet 🙂

Puckett73092 says:

Pick me for wallet please

Eugene Gurskiy says:

Very good information for new bees you officially are a vet in the crypto space good videos keep up the good work very good advice.

Ray lawani says:

90 percent of what you said in this video is the biggest mistake I made in 2017. I pray God help me.

Giak Q says:

The absolute best way to invest in Bitcoin is dollar cost averaging. Just buy once a week or whenever you decide with a manageable budget. Say $20 a week, you never have to worry about price action, or crashes. Investing becomes emotionless. Actually you get excited when the price crashes. In the long run you will be making a boat load of money.

thedange91113 says:

Put a Vizio on that wood wall 🙂

Miranda Shuwera says:

I really appreciate this advice. Thank you.

thedange91113 says:

Make a cool 3 percent per trade on your bankroll. Do that 100 times, you should be a millionaire in a year 🙂

Ray lawani says:

Thanks brother..

Escravo da verdade Gregos e Troianos não dá says:

You are a consistent individual I agree with all points of view, despite being twice your age, having entered the world of cryptocurrencies only in July 2018 some of the errors are identical. But the warnings are the same !! Embrace of Portugal 🇵🇹.

Miranda Shuwera says:

Everyone who is new to trading needs to see this!!!

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