Data Analysis on a Kaggle's Dataset

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Google App Rating – A dataset from kaggle
You can find the code and dataset here:



That was such a great video.

himanshu mangoli says:

i think best way to teach

Indhu Karthik says:

well explained Divya. vry useful for beginners. thanks a lot.

Furkan özbudak says:

Extremely valuable video for a machine learning beginner to get some API exposure

AJ says:

Never ever stop making videos Divya! Terrific job here!

P.S You haven't posted a video since 7 months 🙁

Sanjay Paradesi says:

Hi Divya, excellent tutorials, been practicing your code, however stuck at a converting Price values from Str to Float, using the very same code of your, getting the following error "ValueError: could not convert string to float: 'Everyone'
", appreciate your help

Ratul Ghosh says:

Simplified the way of explaining a Dataset please bring more such projects on Data Science thanks!

sneha mainkar says:

Nice Tutorial for Beginners..Thank you so much

sneha mainkar says:

Nice Tutorial for Begineers..Thank you so much

Sunny Sharma says:

unable to download the dataset..please help

mayank kumar says:

good morning mam….data ko kese train krte h mam using alograithm….plzz bo video bhi bnao

Akash Kumar says:


Pushpal Tayal says:

This is best tutorial. Divya you really explain very well. I can listen to your videos all day. Only reason, I am getting back to Data science.
Please keep making such amazing explanatory videos

The Technical Singh Saab says:

boom,keep it up and upload as many as you can and please give some tutorial regarding kaggle

status king says:

Mam I have questions
From where do you get all those data and how do you get it????

MUKESH Thakur says:

mam please make more video like this

Aqib Huda says:

now this is what i call how to teach data analysis to absolute beginners those are known with resources but don't know how to start. You did a wonderful job that's what i was looking for like how to start how things work in real. Thank you for this.. Please keep uploading things like this. You've got a new subscriber 🙏

Nitish Keshri says:

Please upload some ml project on R.

Yogesh Tripathi says:

Mam,how to identify that the price for some product is geniune or fake for ex. in this example if i want to know tha price is genuine?

Men's Outfit says:

Mam pls help me ….can I bcome data analyst …as I from non- technical background (Hotel Management) …and I am learning all the required skill…pls help🙏🙏

Aditya Soni says:

this is something usefull

Beatriz Maria Mendez says:

Thank you, great job.

fiyaz khan says:

Hi Divya, Thank you for sharing the knowledge on Data Analysis. Can you please upload the machine learning series as well. I like your explanation. Keep sharing your knowledge

Armadhaa Raj says:

Awesome step by step guide!
Thankyou so much.

Karan Kant Basisth says:

maam could u please explain how the code <threshold=len(google_data)*0.1> worked?
also,i didnt exactly understood what the code did there except for knowing that the code eliminated the columns with less than 90% data.thanks


Thanks it was helpful n shout out to dogo at 9:47

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