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Disclaimer: The information I discuss in the videos on this channel are only the views of myself and are not to be taken as financial advice. The purpose of these videos are to promote discussion and interest in the crypto-space. Also, we like to make jokes!

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Andrew Anstead says:

Very informative

luis perez says:

Where the ledgers

Jan De Ridder says:

After staying in the house for a week, i lost all my energy. I want your juice instead of a ledger!

Virtual Light says:

My package needs some stimulus

Mickey Nicked says:

I wanna win the ledger for my Crypto, please.. THANKS

Xenia Soares says:

I just want it to go to 1k for like a week then shoot up for the rest of the year…is that too much to ask for?

Danger619 Danger says:

Great 👍 job

King Cesar says:

My guess would be too short at the 21ema

FuManju74 says:

The World need Bitcoin now more than ever … people will soon realise the qualities and fundamentals of BTC are undeniable, and will free themselves from the constraints of the current flawed and corrupt global monetary system … go bitcoin go !!!

Jizzle S says:

It's happening.. WOW!!

KDMGovender says:

Watching that 4hour chart

Edward Campos says:


Wilmae Grace Provido says:

Thanks for the update Tyler. 💕

Jeff Bruce says:

Wow I vote for UP

Anara Imangaliyeva says:

27.03.2020 we will get 8200-8500

Jamie van Nimwegen says:

Tyler rocks

Love #B says:

I am expecting a dump

Love #B says:

is it really possible 4k again????

Peter Boško says:

Thanks for the update 🙂

Chris Coffel says:

Anyone else stoked to see Bitcoin remaining flat while stocks aggressively rebound? Seems to be verifying it's independent from stocks and it's own market.

King Cesar says:

We are going to crash

Xenia Soares says:

This is only the calm before the storm ⛈

Marlon B says:

Its about to get WILD – like the Horny Hobbies hashtag trending on Tyler's twitter

Irish Derek says:

Hi Tyler, question for you, How do I get the blue lines over on the right hand side that show the volume of trading at certain prices? I am using the free trading view so it may not be available.

Odiovibe Odiovibe says:

Either down or up ? Benefit from both

The New School Independent says:

Like 142 i need that giveaway!

niamh coleman says:


Irish Derek says:

Today is my birthday, surely that means bitcoin can only go up! 🤔

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