Bull break vs Bear break – Cryptocurrencies

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TheDjnatronic says:

Great Video!!!!

Simon C says:

I love your TA, your facts are fantastic, your opinions are based on the previous two statements……. l think you are sensational……Thank you so much for everything you do. I am very grateful, please keep going and l always look forward to your TA..Much strength from Australia.

FGW says:

Very nice analysis.
The Digibyte 4hr chart from around 10th June 2020 looks exactly like the Bitcoin weekly scenario playing out. Whats your price prediction for DGB?

Frank Mandez says:

If half of the content providers on social media were as good as Richard Hudson bitcoin trading enthusiasts will be some of the richest self made of the last decade. I traded without assistance or instructions from anyone and i lost well and nearly got broke but i came across a post about Richard and i contacted him took his instructions, now i gain all the time. We need more guides like him . I recommend Hudson for everyone experiencing failure or stress he can be reached via telegram @Richardhudson

Marvin says:

Tone Vays disliked this video. 😂😭

meyersr78 says:

Very nice explanation, and as always, slow enough for me to follow. Thank you!

João Cardoso says:

How do you invert the chart?

João Cardoso says:

Bitcoin is bullishhhhhh

João Cardoso says:

On the DJI the retrace goes above the last trend brakout and they were calling new lows…😂

João Cardoso says:

Gold is easy to see it's bullish long term… Tone Vays is a noob

João Cardoso says:

Like button exploded…. My android is compromised. 😂

Drew Norman-meadows says:

Thank you for teaching us!

Gerard Knight says:

Absolutely amazing mate really informative if only been reading charts for a few months and I don't want to learn it wrong going to keep practicing thank you

occult theocrasy not democracy says:

very rational thinking thank you

SidiCharif _ says:

Stop wasting energy to what other peoples are saying, I’m not listening to this channel to hear about other people, I find value in your opinion about the current market and your thoughts about what is possible to come my friend

Future Boi says:

Bro you are on fire 🔥- understandable

Future Boi says:

Like button smashed! 😎💪

johnnygri says:

This is great thanks Wüsten!

SidiCharif _ says:

Welcome, hold your hat 🎩

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