APPICS moves to the Telos Blockchain with Uma Hagenguth of APPICS

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I’ve been a long time user of instagram style dapp APPICS, and so I was excited to sit down and catch back up with the Co-Founder and COO, Uma Hagenguth!

APPICS was originally built on the Steem blockchain, and recently when the Hive Hardfork happened, dapps were faced with a choice – stay on Steem, move to Hive, or become operable on both chains. What I thought was super interesting and why I wanted to have Uma on the show was that they decided to take a third path and find a different blockchain that they felt would better meet their needs.

We chat about their recent migration over to the Telos blockchain and what this change will look like for users.

As a successful dapp in the space, we also discuss the role of dapps when it comes to mass adoption of crypto by the average consumer.

I had a great time catching back up with Uma and I hope you guys enjoy our conversation! As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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Philip Taramai says:

Sorry, from experience on STEEMIT, to use Appics you had to wait in line for approval to use it, how to put people off. For a platform that relies on content creators, who just want to post a picture, that hopefully someone likes, and maybe earn some crypto, just stay on STEEMIT or the new HIVE. All the benefits (transparencies, wallets, donations, crypto earnings, communities etc) UMA mentions already exist, it is nothing new.

I wish them all the best, everyone deserve a chance. Thumbs up for the interview 🙂

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