We are Gold Bits Coin. it actually works on the concept of bitcoin but the problem with trust in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is answered here. It is backed with something real and something that is being trusted from past decades and centuries. This is going to be the trend setter in coming future.
What are the strengths of this coin??
• Great Team
• We come from a background of fund management, stock markets, currency markets in Australia.
• This means that we understand securities, currency markets and economics.
• We understand responsible investing and complying with legislation.
• Our coin enjoys the benefits of both worlds “Trending Crypto” and “Gold”.
• Each coin purchased has a real value embedded.
• This puts a lot of concerns to rest.
• The coin has a Gold value and Demand Value.
• Backed by astute Investors
• Safety, security and compliance: Wallets are secured by best infrastructure available.
• Usability of coin
• Jewelers
• Loans against gold
• Pay for travel
• Remittances (More)

Video: https://youtu.be/9UWNK0_TZxI
Ethereum uno de los proyectos mas importantes en el mundo de las criptomonedas esta proximo a una actualizacion. ¿Sera que esta cause que haya una explosion en el precio? Veamos que se viene con Ethereum 2.0 (More)

Jacobo Toll-Messia has a history like very few. He has experience in the dot com boom, has built a consultancy with clients such as IBM, Intesa, Nortel Networks and Chevron to name a few. Companies like these don’t nickle and dime people. I sit down to discuss he latest venture in Hubii. I hope you’re as impressed as I am (More)

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Il 9 Marzo a Catania ore 9.00
ZO Centro culture contemporanee – Piazzale Asia 6 Catania
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As autoridades de saúde pública estão a pedir aos norte-americanos que tomem precauções para se protegerem contra o “Crypto”, um parasita que pode sobreviver durante vários dias em piscinas e causar sérios problemas intestinais. (More)

Se revisan los resultados de las operaciones del video anterior y se hace un análisis técnico para buscar oportunidades de colocar operaciones a la compra o a la venta de Divisas y/o Criptodivisas y/o Commodities con alto porcentaje de retorno de inversión. (More)

First lecture of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies online course. (More)

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Ethereum blockchain is saving the world. Bitcoin is stuck under 10K and Tether falls below its peg. All the top crypto news every day. (More)

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SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce: Crypto Markets Should Self-Regulate When Possible (More)

According to a report by Forbes, Warner Music Group, is one of a number of investors looking into a new public blockchain for the digital kitties. (More)

Jay Zhao with TCL Ventures joins us to discuss venture capital in blockchain and cryptocurrency as well as some of the various projects he watching and has invested in. (More)

Na ons eerste blockchain event in oktober besloten we ook een Masterclass aan te bieden voor diegene die binnen hun organisatie de Blockchain Lead willen nemen. Lees er hier meer over. https://caesarexperts.nl/blog/Rick-over-Blockchain-Masterclass (More)

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Financial Inclusion Opportunity Bitcoin – alongside “End of Money as We Know IT”
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In the new episode, we will discuss about the new blockchain course in India from Tech Mahindra & IdeaLabs. If you like this episode dont forget to subscribe the channel . (More)


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BitCoin Generator is a mining tool that aims to make it easy for anyone to make bitcoins. (More)

Get your claim processed in a click. Using blockchain technology, we make it more secured, contact-free, transparent and importantly faster. We present a simplistic approach to an improved Medical Claim settlement process which is secured using the Blockchain. We introduce a new flow for the fraud free and fast Claim Settlement Process that will add a direct value and help in the current crisis for COVID-19 treatment relief both from the patient view point and the Insurance company’s view point. (More)

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Roundtable chat with fellow hodlnauts @hackapreneur and @Capt_crypto of @AltcoinBuzzio #WeAreAllHodlonaut (More)

Castle Craig Hospital now treats people who are addicted to the online trading of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. (More)

VIP Global’s world-class mining contracts located in tour-able facilities, automated trading software, and an expertise-driven education system. Watch the video to see how VIP Global is your turnkey solution for success. (More)

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Podcast acerca de cripto monedas, con noticias y entrevistas.
Invitacion a los Primeros premios 2014 a lo mejor del Bitcoin
Entrevista a Randy Brito desde España de bitcoinvenezuela.com (More)

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