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Stefanie H says:

Always enjoy your videos Chris

stuart ozz says:

who is @JacobMorgan55

Rudi Andries says:

Hi guys – how do I get in touch with this Jacob Morgan ? Love to learn and follow from him too – if I can . Thanks.

Cristian Costa says:

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Dominik Schoenborn says:

Over the past days, the entire cryptocurrency assets including bitcoin has been trading in a downward direction which got a lot of people thinking and holders in great fear and panic. However the market always have two parts, the bullish which is very likely for the holders to be happy, while the bearish is likely for people to buy ahead of upward movement. Well as a trader, it is much more advisable to make use of every market opportunity wisely which i have been doing ever since the last bear market by trading with a working strategy/signals which is being provider by a pro trader known as Dr . Walt Elywn Falcon's and it's been so profitable despite the recent downtrend. In my first month, i was able to grow my 1.2btc to a total of 6.9btc trading with DR Falcon's daily signals which you would agree is a very good profits. I would advice you take this chance to buy and with the little you hold, you can accumulate more by trading with Ben's daily signals, Ben is a true resource in space today and can be reach via *Whatspp: +447476728629 and telegram : @ Elywn_Falcon * for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

crazyjoe101 says:

Would love to try this out with you and try your system and guides but just haven't got $600 to just put in on a punt .

EthereumGold.network says:

Great video Revolution! Btw have you heard of EthereumGold io ? They are a ETH DeFi product gaining marketshare rapidly. There was only $200k in their liquidity pool last week, Its over $1.4 mill now

Stacy Dale Barendse says:

Everybody that calls it a bubble lost the opportunity.😆

Izy To Nv says:

someone educate me. Why do we US residents need purevpn to trade on binance?

Nacho Tuason says:

Hi chris. Thanks for the vid. Just wanted to ask if rsi divergence is accurate for trend reversals. Noticed it with lrc n troy. Does this mean troy will take a dip?

Johny b says:

what a perfect statment " dont fall in love with these crypto's "

Earn money online with Gourav says:

Spnd akro nav nkn will give big in coming days

Earn money online with Gourav says:

Give ur group link please

K S says:

All pump and dumps. BTC correcting to 5400.. all Alt-coins dump with major BTC moves.

tacitus kilgore says:

I think I'd like to try the group.

Fábio Godinho says:

Like nr 700

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