🔵Where I'm Keeping My Money Invested -Bitcoin/Crypto, Stocks Crashing, Coronavirus, Helicopter Money

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Examples of taking away freedoms based on Coronavirus (tracking user’s mobile phones if suspected of coronavirus):

– Where I’m Keeping My Money Invested
– Stocks Crashing
– Coronavirus (COVID-19)
– Helicopter Money (Quantitative Easing)
– Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

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Disclaimer: This video is not financial or investment advice. Do not buy, sell or trade cryptocurrency, or make any financial decisions based on the content of this video. I am merely sharing what I have done and what I would do in various situations as an educational tool only.

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My Haunted Home says:

Not every adult citizen. I believe the cap is single who make up to $99,000 and those filing joint is mid 100k. Nonetheless, I 100 percent agree with what you're saying about endless printing.

With re to coronavirus in Europe, I see it from the point of globalists wishing to quash the rise of those wanting soverign nations, such as what they UK got through Brexit. The same globalists who despise European culture. heritage, religion and way of life.

Through their laziness in closing the borders, as they should have done in the beginning, coincidentally, the coronavirus skyrocketed, especially in nations such as Italy, France, and Spain. Those most suceptible are the older populations who more times than not, vote right of the political spectrum, such as the populist parties who are anti EU and anti open orders. Now those older populations are getting decimated. You also have countries like pro open borders, pro globalist Sweden who came out and said that the older populations will not be given preferential medical treatment during the rise of this crisis, essentially leaving them to fend on their own. This is the same Sweden who had government officials in the past claim that they couldn't get enough migrants because Sweds have no culture and need a massive influx of migrants to inject culture into the nation. Just food for thought.

Dennis Scroggin says:

Great info, very well done, appreciate your thoughts on the markets.

anna bar says:

what you say about icx coin? its worth to invest in?

Craig B says:

Why is it price manipulation of stock but not bitcoin? BTC from 10500 to under 4000 is a 65% manipulation. Don't be nieve to think that they won't use this crisis to change laws that directly affect your ownership and use of crypto. Anyone that has been involved in this space for more than 5 years can see how much it has changed with government intervention and it's only going to get worse.


Eth and litecoin

Stacy Dale Barendse says:

Any earthquake damage in your area?

El Nino NMG says:

YouTube puttin you on. Never watched your shit before. They told me to watch..

Seb Joseph says:

https://youtu.be/aHejppZwlhk this is an interesting take on a possible endgame coming up by the fed reserve

Darren T says:

Stop creating more FUD…. governments will help bail out important company's that are needed after such a crisis's……and it is in no doubt a a crisis that came from China……

Max Cavalera says:

As soon as u post, crypto start pumping again….

Glenn Jones says:

my one input addition is that; the BigOneWorld Corps, Big Banks, MSM, and half the alt-media are in full cooperation with govt. in establishing the lock down and all that will follow.

Know who done what so you know where to aim if it comes down to that.

Glenn Jones says:

accurate analysis Colin, thanks for speaking out!

Southern Star Resources says:

This is indeed a slippery slope and quite dangerous actually. But currently there is literally no other way around this!

We’ve never seen the entire global economy come to a stop like this.

When there’s no business and consumption to be had businesses will simply go belly up. Massive unemployment follows as a result.

Coronavirus aside the correction was way overdue. But this is a unique situation and people literally will not have money to live or eat.

I’m against corporate socialism and bailouts. But to help people out momentarily when in need I’m ok with it because this rarely happens.

If we had been more responsible with overspending we’d have plenty of relief funds for this pandemic.

If we can give Boeing and Lockheed Martin $700B a year for the war machine then we can cut regular Americans a check in a situation like this.

It’s all about perspective at the end. But there’s really no other solution right now exactly because of the mess and debt bubble we’ve already created to begin with.

Harry Pupualii says:

Fantastic video Colin. Gold and silver, Blockchains will rock and cryptos will be very useful for people to be more accountable and transparent for their own financial well being. Looks like less freedom going forward. All the best!

obie sario says:

I really like your stuff and admire your great work. Thanks 😊

pappos3 says:

Awesome video as always !

Nulati says:

READ THIS: before it's to late, either electricity or internet or both will most likely go out. It will be there most desperate move and most likely there most potent. BUT if people are aware and understand why things are happening it will have less impact. Governments are gunna try and make you regret investing, a final shake out. If you invest in bitcoin and the internet or electricity goes out you will feel like you've made a terrible stupid mistake. The fact that bitcoin isnt just going sideways but it's actually increasing in value will leave them with no choice but to provide a "problem" and "solution". Its okay to not believe me now but if it happens and I HOPE it dosent you need to understand why. This is a new flu, the internet or electricity shouldnt go out because of this. Realize that please. And if it happens well now you know why.

Nulati says:

Knowledge is power, the more we can educate everyone the less power they'll have. I'm not even in crypto for profits anymore, I'm voting for freedom so bitcoin has my vote.

Sonata Systems says:

always under the mattress

O Lawrence says:

Like bitcoin isn’t manipulated? Look at the distribution of it ffs

Leonard Britt says:

Just curious if you have noticed EOS approaching 90% of capacity according to Blocktivity? EOS transfers are MUCH faster than BTC but if we hit capacity, do we find thousands of unprocessed transactions as well? I have seen some news about VIGOR stable coin which will launch on EOS and be a competitor to MakerDao. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts.

The_Other _Seto_Kaiba says:

Just use the entire $1000 Trump check to buy Bitcoin with. Fukk everyone else.

Jas S says:

Please make video how to invest (not a Financial advice) in down markets!!!!

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